Yuletide In the Spiral

With Felix Navidad once again happily standing in the Shopping District. It only marks the Arrival of one of the best times of the year in the Spiral, YULETIDE! featuring a wide selection of festive items in the crowns shop, Holiday Fish Swimming across the Waters of the Spiral, And even a Visit From Krampus.

Whats In Store?

  • Winterland and Yuletide Packs
  • Krampus Dungeon
  • Holiday Season Fish
  • Festive Decor
  • Upcoming Events This Holiday Season
  • 12 Days of the Spiral

Packs And Gear

Looking to dress for the season? In the Crowns shop there are a wide variety of holiday packs with Gear, Mounts, wands and possibly a spell or 2 that drop from these packs!

Krampus Dungeons

Krampus is boss that makes a visit to the spiral every Yuletide handing out coal to all of the Naughty Wizards. There are 4 locations to find the dungeon:

  • Ravenwood (Behind Kelvin The Ice Tree)
  • Celestia (Below The Portal to the District Of the Stars)
  • Colossus Boulevard (Behind The Statue Close to Mindy PixieCrown)
  • Walruskberg Harbor

Once inside after you have spoken to Oma The room turns Cold and 3 doors appear with Locks on them each require their respected keys:

  • Wooden Key (Rank 6 Krampus)
  • Stone Key (Rank 11 Krampus)
  • Gold Key (Rank 15 Krampus) 

Be sure to fight the appropriate Boss according to your level and rank

Holiday Season Fish

Holiday season fish Like the Mistletoe Angler can be found all across the waters of the spiral up to Mooshu and in some houses with fishing enabled waters.

Holiday Decor

My favorite part of this time of year is the decorations and creativity we get from the entire Wizard101 community making their Castles festive and come to life. you can get Furniture items in the holiday packs or in the crowns shop which can be purchased with gold or crowns Including:

  • Holiday Trees
  • Krampus Stockings
  • Snow Paintings
  • Wreaths
  • Much More!

Heres a nice Example of Maddies Holiday Creation:

Upcoming Events

Wizter Festival

Hosted By: Arcanums Archives

Date: Saturday,December,15th, 2018


Hide and seek

House tours and games

PvP Tournament


Christmas Carols


More Information: https://arcanumsarchives.com/wizter-festival/

Around The Spiral With Edward Lifegems Santa Run 2018

When: Sunday, December, 16th, 2018

Full Information Guide: http://www.edwardlifegem.com/2018/12/santa-run-sunday-december-16th.html

12 Days Of the Spiral Event

Every year Kingsisle Has 12 days during the month of December with a different surprise each day to say thanks for a wonderful year. some of the gifts usually featured come in The Form of:

  • Sales
  • Free Codes
  • New Packs
  • A Video From Team KI
  • Free Crowns

To see what 2018 will bring stay tuned on Wizard101.com.  Always remember to thank Kingsisle for what they do for us in the Wizard101 Community