Wizter Festival General Information

The Wizter Festival is our next big event the Arcanum’s Archives is throwing. There will be loads of fun including, housing games, trivia, a PvP tournament, hide and seek, dance parties, a maze, house tours, and more! Here is the schedule! Feel free to come to all the activities or just a few, we will be happy you came no matter what! A big thank you to Frost Caller for making the Wizter Festival graphic. See more of Frost Caller’s work here.

The event will be happening on Saturday December 15th. All times are CST (Central Time Zone) so please convert to your time zone as needed.

  • 1:00pm – Start Stream and have mini dance party
  • 1:30pm – Hide and seek
  • 2:00pm – House tours and games
  • 3:20pm – PvP Tournament Trivia
  • 4:15pm – Christmas Carols
  • 4:45pm – Group pictures
  • 5:00pm – Maze and Trivia
  • 6:00pm – End event/Start after party
  • 7:00pm – End after party

The entire event will be streamed! You can be watch it all at the link below!


Lastly, here are your hosts!

Hide and Seek

There will be 3 rounds of hide and seek. The first 2 rounds will be in free to play areas of Wizard101 which include Ravenwood, Commons, Golem Court, Unicorn Way, the Arena, inside of Bartelby, Shopping District, Olde Town, Triton Avenue, and Nightside. During the final round, the hider could be hiding anywhere in any of the first arc worlds (Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, or Dragonspyre).

After normal hide and seek is done we will play a round of reverse hide and seek! This is where all the viewers get to hide in the free to play areas of Wizard City and the hosts seek. The last person found wins!

House Tours

For this part of the event, you will have the chance to have your houses featured for everyone to see! If you want a chance for your house to be featured at the Wizter Festival, see the link below

Wizter Festival House Tour Application

We will also be featuring some of the best houses made by some of the staff at the Arcanum’s Archives and maybe play some games in them too!

PvP Tournament/Trivia

There will be a PvP tournament happening this Wizter Festival with a total of 8 contenders. Here are the rules:

  • No Guardian Spirit
  • Max resist is 75%
  • No insane bolt
  • No burning rampage
  • Max 2 loremaster
  • If you go first, the first you must pass the first round. 

Do you want to be a part of this tournament for a chance to win huge prizes? Click on the link below to apply!

Wizter Festival PvP Tournament Application

There will also be trivia in the stream chat for those that are not participating in the tournament

Christmas Carols

We will be “singing” a variety of Christmas songs to random wizards in the spiral, but instead of using our voices, we will be using chat boxes! We hope you join us for some caroling to wizards, this activity has been widely requested so we decided to do it again this event!


This maze will be made by the Arcanum’s Archives very own Sarah Skystrider. Per request from past events, this maze was made…. well…. more possible to accomplish compared to other mazes. It will not be easy, but it is much easier then the infamous project nightmare from the Fantasy Festival. We hope you all enjoy this fun filled winter themed maze made for all of you!

There will also be trivia in the stream chat for those not wanting to participate in the maze.

After Party

Well we couldn’t end the event there! This Wizter Festival we will be having an after party at Taylor Ashstone’s Christmas house! There will be tons of games and fun. We also might play a surprise game if there is time!

We’ll see you there!