Wizard101’s 10th Birthday!!

Wizard101 has revamped its birthday with some new features. This is Wizard101’s biggest celebration of the year! Some new features were introduced, such as new quests and pets. In this post, ill be going through all of the features and events that are happening for this Wizard101 Decaversary.  Shown below is the new loading screen! A stunning illustration, festive, and full of color. For the first time, we are seeing the commons updated with the birthday decorations and the updated wizard city graphics.

Member Benefits

Member benefits are so fun and useful! This year all of the member benefits will be rotating throughout September 2018. The following member benefits are listed below.

-Double gardening (experience, seeds, and plant rewards).

-Double pet experience (from games and pet snacks).

-Free second chance chest roll.

-Double monstrology (experience and animus)

-Member rewards bonus on PVP/ Daily Assignments.

-Zero energy fishing.

-Double reagents/ unlimited crafting.

-Free training points buyback.

Special Birthday Quest!

This is a very new and exciting feature to the Wizard101 10th Birthday. You can initiate this quest by visiting Gamma in Merle’s office. This quest was brought live during the special birthday Kingsisle Live. This quest comes with a beautiful present, visit Gamma to find out more! I would recommend sound on for this quest, as the music is exceptional and made me a bit emotional. Not to mention, the special words from our mentors who have helped us with every step of the way.

New Decade pets

Wizard101’s newest pets are a twist to a few classic pets with a new shiny coat of paint on. These pets will be in the crowns shop full time so you can enjoy them at any point of the year. Here are some pictures of the decade firecat, decade piggle, and decade gargoyle.

Special Events running this September 2018

There are some events that are coming back for this Decaversary month. The first one being the Five Boxes Event. This is the perfect time to get sonic springs for rare and beautiful decorations. This event will be running from August 30-September 12 (2018). There is also the Lost Pages, a perfect event to get a permanent Bone Dragon. This will be running from September 13-September 30 (2018).

Birthday items coming back to the crowns shop

-Birthday Balloons Mount

-Gobbler Mount-

-8th Anniversary Gobbler Cake

-Birthday Party Cake (animated)

-Party Corgi Pet

-Grandpa Piggle Pet

-Reg. Keeper Party Multi-Tank Aquarium

-Party Chair Housing Item

-Party Buffet Table Housing Item

-Birthday Snack Pack


The Gobbler fish will be available, as well as all 7 school shark stubby fish. The stubby sharks can be caught from each school house.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited about for this Wizard101 Decaversary!