What ways are there to find your next permanent mount without breaking your crown budget?

Several sources exist, although it might take some hard work.

1. Crown shop

The crown shop has a permanent mount tab, and a few of these are available for gold.

  • Bengal tiger
  • Royal lioness
  • Proud lion
  • Horned sweeper
  • Blue dragon
  • Chestnut pony
  • Black stallion
  • Enchanted broom

2. Crafting

Some permanent mounts can be crafted.

  • All school whirlwind mounts
  • Ravenwood and Digmoore pogosticks during 5 boxes event

3. Fishing (Hard)

Did you know that all the bundle houses have a very rare fishing drop chance? The chests that are caught can occasionally drop the houses respective mount.

(Example if you want the Desert racer mount, fish in the mirage raider’s bundle house) (This is a very rare drop chance that could take a long time.)

4. Key Bosses

Several key bosses drop permanent mounts.

  • Aethyr Elemental – Aethyr cloud mount
  • Ixcax Cursedwing – Ankylosaurus, Arcus cloud, Crockagator, Feathered raptor, Gold wrought eagle, Jeweled scrab, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Temple Phantom – Blue kirin, Gold kirin, Silver kirin.
  • RA (Reading room) – Camel, Crockagator, Mander Palanquin, Moonlight pony, Starlight pony, Starshine pony, Sunshine pony.
  • Omen – Frostfang tiger, Himoolayan yak, Luphilim wings, Owl, Snow ram, White stag, Winter trent, Winterglide skates.
  • Bellosh – Mander palanquin
  • Captain Hockins – Pirate rowboat
  • Spirit of ignorance – Purple fairywings (temp and perm)
  • Stay-Puffed Marshfellow – All three gummy bunny mounts and the chocolate moose.

5. Other bosses & Gauntlets

  • Sylvia Drake(Avalon 5 boxes) – Blue fairywings, Orange fairywings.
  • Lost pages event – (Declan Wyrmdust, Kestrel Blackstorm, Quinn Legndbreaker, Taylor Froghead, Carson Spritethief, Bentley Daysong) – All drop Bone dragon. (These drop by level, please see picture below.)
  • Macdeath (Playhouse) – Dragon wings
  • Forest Grump (one shot gauntlet) – Tanglewood Stalker
  • Pat Minotaur (one shot gauntlet) – White stripped ziger
  • Warlord Minak – Mammoth mini
  • Metallossus (Sinbad) – Roc
  • Rattlebone’s Exalted (one shot) – Life and death whirlwinds
  • Some other one shots drop whirlwinds as well

6. PvP Prizes

These were accessible only to crown players/members. But Tournaments now cost 50 gold. Arena tickets can be won from these and a few mounts can be bought using them.

  • Fire wyvern, Blue kirin, Unicorn charger, Unicorn courser, Gorilla juggernaunt, Gorilla skirmisher.

7. Team up Kiosk

  • If you have the rank of Team Manager you can obtain the sand swarm mount

8. Mirage Magic Carpets

A few different Mirage groups/fractions have reward items available including magic carpet mounts.

  • Calixco Magic Carpet – must have the badge Unconstrictable from defeating 100 Boas
  • Sayameez Magic Carpet – must have badge Rebellion Crusher  from defeating 100 Bumbai Rebels
  • Hoods’ Magic Carpet – must have the badge Aggrobah Sheriff  from defeating 100 Rival Gang Members
  • Tabbi Magic Carpet – must have the badge Tabbi General from defeating 100 House Purrzian Assailant
  • Serpentine Magic Carpet – must have the badge Dunes Warrior and serpentine scout (each a defeat 50)
  • Dromel Magic Carpet – must have badge Treasure Hunter  from selling 100 Antiquities regent items to Guillermel

9. Other Sources

  • Stormrider hare mount – special drop in springtime when Eggbert is in the spiral. (See KI message board post and farm the boss according to your level(See picture below). Nightshade only drops for low levels.)
  • KI Live & Normal Wizard101 giveaways often give free packs.
  • Fansites and sometimes other community member’s contests.