Why one should try Pirate101!

Hello there! So, you want to try out Pirate101, however, you are not sure. Well, that’s why I’m here! There are many reasons, however, I’ll restrict it to 5. Shall we begin?

Reason 1

Graphics and story: The graphics and story in Pirate101 surpass Wizard101. Wizard101 is trying to catch up to Pirate101 by slowly releasing updated graphics, however, all of Pirate101 has better-looking graphics that are breathtaking! A good example of this is Dragonspyre Skyway. We don’t spend much time there, but its atmosphere is colorful and exquisite!

The story is on par with the graphics as well. It feels like an adventure in the spiral, without even feeling like Wizard101 at all! It has all the elements of a pirate adventure, from the treasure hunting, action, betrayal, and combat on the high seas, while having the feel of magic. As one sails in the sky, one can summon the Kraken and other magical things to attack enemy ships, one can summon bombs and ghosts from nowhere on land, the undead join your crew and more! With beautiful graphics, the pirate-related story and the feeling that one never actually left the spiral.

Reason 2

Unique combat: Pirate combat is far different from Wizard101’s simple click a card and watching the same spell over and over. Each class gets at least 2 different types of weapons with unique attack styles for each, everyone gets different companions with the exception of a few universal. Each of these companions has different attacks and attack chains, (repeated attacks), and while you don’t get multiple of one card unless you have gear that has that card, those attacks are still really cool to look at! Witchdoctors can summon ghosts to attack the enemy, Musketeers shoot electricity to stun the enemy, Privateers rely on companions, however, bomb the enemy leaving fire in their wake, Buccaneers smash the enemy into submission with weapons as big as them, Swashbucklers attack from the shadows, beating the enemy in one shot! Pirate101 combat may look complex but it’s easy to get a hang of and never gets old!

Reason 3

Ship combat: No I’m not picking random things, ship combat is one of my favorite aspects of the game! One can get to summon spells from Wizard101 to attack enemy ships while hammering them with cannonballs! There isn’t really anything else to it, which is why I love it! Sure, it can get repetitive, but in that aspect,  owning one of the strongest ships in the spiral as a pirate feels so good. Also, it is pretty fun to just sail around and explore the spiral rather than walking everywhere!

Reason 4

Decorating: Decorating in Pirate101 needs work, I’m not going to lie. However, what we do have surpasses Wizard101. We have bigger and cooler looking houses, more interesting decorations, and more potential to create scenes in a house better! For example, I have 10 houses, all connected and all have 1 thing in common. Golden Chickens. Currently I have over 500 golden chickens! These chickens have made for spectacular decoration. I’ll just leave you with a picture of a chicken in a car before I move onto the next item!

Reason 5

Why not? If I still haven’t convinced you, I ask you this. Why not? You may hear we don’t get updates, which is true but that’s not holding you back from trying, is it? Pirate101 is a great game that should not be ignored by any Wizard101 player. Even if it is just between Wizard101 updates try Pirate101. We may not have as many people, however, those of us who stick around stick around for a reason. That reason is we love this game. Even if you decide not to, even if you don’t want to give it a chance, I thank you for at least taking the time to read this. And if you do want try it out, I’ll be doing a post on some tips and tricks if I can! I look forward to meeting all of you in Pirate101! Cya in the spiral!