So a friend and I were talking the other day, and we had an idea. What if Wizard101 moved the game into virtual reality. Would the viewer base change? Would a giant 3D storm shark spell give children nightmares? Would there be a way to integrate a new game style with the currently players so VR and computer players could play on the same servers?

This got me into thinking about the future of VR games and old school games.

I could see 2 possible paths if KI wanted to enter the VR realm, or KI could also start with a VR mobile game to see what the viewer base would be like.

First, they could create an entirely new VR game. (personally i’d love to see a Ninja101 with virtual swords)

Second, they could integrate a new game style within Wizard101, where similar to switching between the new and old graphics, they could enable a virtual reality version of the game that integrated with an app on a mobile phone which then integrated with a set of VR googles.

Within this method are different ways KI could go about it. They could just enable VR view and still have the player play with a keyboard/mouse to move, and make head moving simply turn the screen slightly or do nothing. An app could transfer the data from the screen to the googles. A mouse click on this would still select a card for battle. Or, they could create a different playing style for VR players, this might involve similar keyboard functions or a totally new interface and playing style.

A personal favorite concept of mine is if KI made a new playing style where VR and normal players still fought in the same battles, but the VR players had swords and had to do actual moves. The harder the move to complete the more damage it would cause. VR players would also get cards with different sword skills relating to how many pips they have. The better they complete the move the higher the damage within the card’s damage range. This would help to keep damage levels fair and keep a similar battle structure to the game)

So in what ways might a change affect the player base? It would likely attract more different ages. Keeping the currently game style and adding a VR realm could create challenges for the game, but it also could widen the player base and help entertain some of the older players. It could be possible to add in a special world or side quests with VR capability. A side world that is for VR players would be super cool. I’ve often thought it would be interesting if KI added new schools with different plot lines in the same worlds. If they added a new school with VR quests it could be super interesting.

Please note that this is all just thoughts, Wizard101 has not expressed anything about virtual reality or changing the game.