Wizard101 Spring 2021 Update

The Spring 2021 Update is here! After a couple weeks of test realm with thorough updates and fixes throughout the month, Wizard101’s next update has arrived. A smaller update coming after the Fall 2020 release of the latest world, Karamelle, this update aims to improve over a dozen AoE spells, add a new social system for finding and offering help, and a new skeleton key boss that drops not one, not two, but all three Grizzleheim pack spells!


  • 18 Updated AoE Spells
  • New Skeleton Key Bosses
  • New Beastmoon Updates
  • Various Combat Changes
  • PvP Match-Making Improvements
  • Friendly Player Helping System and Volunteer Feature
  • New Trainable Spells
  • New Concept-Art Housing Item
  • New Wild West Pack and Gauntlet
  • Update from 32-bit platform to 64-bit platform

KI Test Realm/Update Notes – Wizard101 Spring 2021 Update Notes

Original Forest LordOriginal Forest Lord

Updated AoE Spells

This update brings a total of 18 updated AoE spells! The main focus behind the changes is to speed up AoE combat, with a majority of the most used AoE spells now hitting all at once! Some feature new textures and animations, while others are just animation changes.

Updated Spells:

  • Storm: Tempest, Storm Lord, Sirens
  • Fire: Meteor, Fire Dragon, Rain of Fire
  • Ice: Blizzard, Frost Giant, Reindeer Knight
  • Life: Rebirth, Forest Lord
  • Death: Scarecrow, Deer Knight
  • Myth: Humongofrog, Orthrus, Mystic Colossus
  • Balance: Sandstorm, Ra

Some of the most significant (and highly requested changes) belong to the Forest Lord, Ra, Mystic Colossus and Frost Giant updates. These longer than average spells saw a significant time reduction and are looking spectacular!

The spells were updated throughout the duration of Test Realm (With Forest Lord receiving many animation changes) as animations were updated, bug fixed and re-textured. For a full look at the updated animations, view the following playlist: Wizard101 Spring 2021 Updated AoE Spells

Some of these updated spells however, didn’t see texture updates while others did. (Storm Lord, Sirens, Orthrus to name a few). KI devs have mentioned they still want to continue working on AoE spells, such as Unicorn. Does this mean these spells may see texture updates in a future update?

New Skeleton Key Bosses:

  • Stay Puffed Marshmellow in Karamelle
  • King Boor in Grizzleheim

King Boor comes in three difficulties!

  • Wooden Key – Easy
  • Stone Key – Medium
  • Golden Key – Hard

Not only does all three difficulties drop gear, but all three drop spellements to craft the Grizzleheim pack spells:

  • Ratatoskr’s Spin
  • Grendal’s Amends
  • Hammer of Thor

KI Skeleton Key Teaser Video

Beastmoon Updates:

New Monster Mayhem events have been added, with new rewards to access through the progression bars!

New Beastforms have also been added:

Myth Pig (and minion)                                                                             Life Minotaur

images via Wizard101 website

The Myth Pig form brings a new skill set to face solo battles in the Beastmoon rings! The June and July Beastmoon events will feature the Myth Pig form.

The Life Minotaur form brings a new healing skill set! Separate from that of the Draconian form, the Life Minotaur form is designed to not only heal, but counter DOTs and summoned minions on the other side of the ring. The Summer Scroll of Fortune will be featuring the Gold Idol for the Life Minotaur form.

New Gear From The Events:

As Beastmoon and Deckathalon events continue to expand, new matching threads are arriving! The new Wolf-Warrior set brings that warrior vibe, and can be crafted from the events. The hat, robe, and boots will be available from the Beastmoon events, while the matching wand will be from the Deckathalon events.

images via Wizard101 website

Stat and Combat Changes:

As the game continues to undergo balancing reworks, stats and combat have received new changes. With the recent critical changes, hovering over a spell will now display the chance to critical, chance to block, and the damage multiplier of the spell. The stat rework is something we all expected, but dreaded. The stat changes are needed to help establish the future of the game and aren’t as bad as you think. To place a “power cap” to prevent overpowered players and disrupt of balance in the future, the devs have implemented new stat caps instead of straight percentages for damage and resist. The idea was to not nerf or change gear (especially after farming for a specific piece) but to prevent gear sets from becoming too strong. To meet the balance of capping gear without nerfing it, percentages are now converted into stat points, with limits on how high stat points can be counted. Here’s how it works:

1 stat point = 1%   (  1% of damage/resist changed to 1 stat point, 2% changed to 2 stat points, 3% changed to 3 stat points, etc.)

So, if percentage and stat points are basically the same thing, what changed? Now, when stat points reach what is called the intersection point, they will guarantee that number in percentage. However, once that number is passed, any stat points after will be lowered in value to prevent gear from being overpowered. Finally, there is a maximum where stats cannot be increased any more. To keep track, here is the stat chart:


Affected Stat PvE PvP
Damage Intersection 150 100
Damage Limit 200 200
Resist Intersection 100 50
Resist Limit 125 70


PvE Damage: Basically, when you hit 150 damage stat points, you are guaranteed 150% damage. After that, stat points added on will decrease in value, to a maximum of 200%.

PvP Damage: PvP damage can reach 100%, but afterwords can only reach 200% max after stat limits are applied.

Pierce stats have remain unchanged for the time being.

This way, gear stats can be further balanced out for future content without having to change the existing gear we already have. A nice meet in the middle!

PvP Matchmaking Improvements:

PvP matchmaking has been improved from the previous PvP update. You will now have the ability to opt-out if you are placed in a match against someone with a higher level band (levels bands consist of about 10 levels, ex: levels 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc.)

Private and Corporal ranks will no longer receive opt-outs but will instead be automatically opt-out against a mismatch.

Various bug and exploits have been removed.

Message from the Devs:

Friendly Player System and New Volunteer Feature:

This update introduces the new social system for finding and offering help! This new system allows for players to post what quest they are on, and nearby players can join them to help them quest.

To get started, click on the “Social Icon” underneath the friends list to display the system list.

Here, you can see a list of everyone who is looking for/would like help. If you are looking for help, you can flag yourself as a “Friendly Player” by clicking the friendly player icon in the bottom left of the system interface.

Friendly players display the quest they are on, can be messaged, and are alright with other players porting to them.

To remove yourself from the friendly player list, click the same icon in the lower left. If you are wanting to help other players, just click on a wizard’s name to open the help box.

Some things to note:

  • Names of friendly players can only be seen by those who open the list in the same world as those players. Each world has their own list of players.
  • Friendly players can be teleported to
  • You can message with either menu chat or text chat
  • Current Quests will only be displayed to you if you have the same quest in your questbook

That’s it! It doesn’t get much easier than that to help others! Or does it????

The Team-Up kiosk now has a new feature, volunteering! Instead of always going to the kiosk to offer help to those waiting in team-up, you can now volunteer yourself to join those who start team ups by clicking on the volunteer icon on the lower left of the kiosk.

Then, you can select which worlds you will like to volunteer for and if you would like to help with longer instances or farming.

After clicking volunteer, you are ready to help. The game will then notify you if someone has started a team-up, and will ask you if you want to join.

If you want quit being a volunteer, just return to the kiosk and click the volunteer icon to cancel.

New badge icons are also present when you become a friendly player or volunteer. Smiles for friendly players and Sigils for volunteers!

Helping others has never been easier!

New Trainable Spells:

Some spells have been changed into trainable spells that can now be learned from the Ravenwood professors!

Storm: Prof. Balestrom

Fire: Prof. Falmea

Ice: Prof. Greyrose

Life: Prof. Wu

Death: Prof. Dworgyn

Myth: Prof. Drake

Balance: Prof. Alhazred 

Don’t forget to grab your new spells!

New Concept Art Housing Item:

A new concept art housing item has been added to the game! Check out the original concept art in this book, available from the crownshop for 1,500 crowns.

There is a similar item that was already added into Pirate101 before, nice to see it appear in Wizard101!

New Wild-West Gauntlet and Pack Teaser Video:

32-bit to 64-bit:

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of this update. Wizard101 has been updated from a 32-bit platform to a 64-bit platform. Basically, this allows for the game to better utilize hardware, improve performance speeds, maintain stable gameplay and offer improved network connection. Players are already reporting improved load times, and the significance of this change will be more noticeable further down the line. 64-bit also allows for more RAM usage, a long requested feature, however this feature doesn’t seem to be implemented (yet, is there any ground work laying out adjustable RAM usage for a future update?). KI states that this upgrade was necessary for further game development, but also means that Wizard101 will have updated system requirements.

For Windows Users:

Recommended OS: Windows 10 64-bit (32-bit installations will no longer run the game)
May Run On: Windows 7 64-bit or newer, however these are no longer supported by Microsoft

Internet: High Speed Connection (DSL, Cable Modem), Satellite or Tethered NOT suitable

RAM Space: 8GB+ Recommended, 4GB Supported

Disk Space Available: 30GB+ Recommended, 14GB Supported

Recommended Graphics: Dedicated AMD or nVidia Graphics Card
Supported: Intel Integrated, requires additional 1-2GB RAM (assuming 1024×768 resolution)

Make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date.

For MAC Users:

Operating System: macOS Big Sur

Internet: High Speed Connection (DSL, Cable Modem), Satellite or Tethered NOT suitable

RAM Space: 8GB+ Recommended, 4GB Supported

Disk Space Available: 32GB+ Recommended, 16GB Supported

Mouse: Two button mouse

Also, KI mentions the following is NOT supported:

– Android Devices
– Chromebooks
– iPads
– iPhones – PowerPC Systems
– Surface PROs
– Tablets

Its worth noting that this list of devices that do not support Wizard101 does not mention Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch consoles (though there is no version of the game for console platform) however, mobile is listed there. This speculation comes after the MGI acquisition news that there is further interest of a console/mobile version of the game.

I have previously written an article on Wizard101 entering a new era of hardware and software upgrades, and can be found here.

Final Review:

Overall, this is a great update. While not the largest, the update brings many requested features, such as improved AoE spell animations, PvP matchmaking improvements, a new system and volunteer feature to help others, and an update from 32-bit to 64 bit. Its also worth noting that stat balancing has been done without having to change existing stats on gear, something all players were concerned about. I personally have wanted to see a volunteer system implemented so players could volunteer for team-up automatically, and I’m happy that both this feature and the friendly player system has been added. Players now have more options for finding help, especially since the friendly system allows for messaging. The updated AoE spells are looking good, though I was hoping to see updated textures for them. Though I suspect that the spells that didn’t receive new textures will be updated in a later update (especially since KI says they are still looking at them). Forest Lord, Ra and Mystic in specific are my favorites and will definitely speed up questing. Beastmoon updates are great for Beastmoon players, especially since it adds a new healer class and a new class that is made for solo battles. With the recent critical and block changes, the chance to do so being presented when hovering over a spell was greatly needed and was added cleanly. What did you think of the update?

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