Hay there! We had a great time at the Unicorn Festival and hope you did too.

We started out with a dance party for a few minutes to make sure everyone had time to log in, then began the event!

First we picked up little baby unicorns to hatch while we counted all the unicorn statues in Unicorn Way, did you know there are 11! (13 if you count the 2 in the Hedge Maze) While in the maze we adorned some unicorn themed gear, thanks to Kingsisle for all the codes provided. Unicorn wigs and unicorn pets for everyone!

Once the little unicorns hatched we took them to the Pet Pavillion and trained them to teen. My favorite game to use was the Cannon game, though the Dance game was also popular. Once they were all teens we raced them in the pet derby, for no other reason than it was a Uni-corny good time.

After racing we were off to find Austin in some hide and seek, find that unicorn! He was hidden all over the free to play areas of Wizard City and for the last round in Grizzleheim. In one round he was even Merle’s Neigh-bor.

After hide and seek we went fishing for the largest rainbow (unicorn) trout! Thanks to Iridian WillowGlen for letting us use her fishing retreat.

The maze for the event was full of giant plushies! whats not to love about that? It was a short maze with very few trees, very stable, built to house several unicorns within. After this we wrapped the event up with a few games of tag and a group photo in Unicorn Way.

For the after-after party Austin took over the stream and we played some Jackbox games, I herd they are great. We had a great time foaling around!

No horsing around the event was great! We hope to see you at our next one!