Wizard101 recently added a few new limited time member benefits including no energy fishing. Currently in the Spiral there are now 8 different types. Note: these occur only when KingsIsle decides to use them.

  • Free Training Point Buyback – Members can buy back training points without crowns, located in Golem Court
  • No Energy Fishing – Members can fish on these days as much as they want regardless of amount of energy held.
  • Double Pet XP – When training pets on these days, XP will be doubled from pet snacks fed.
  • Daily Assignment Reward Bonus – members get more rewards when completing daily assignments.
  • Free Second Chance Roll on Loot Chests – Members can roll again on chests without paying the crowns.
  • Double Garden XP/Rewards – Gardening rewards are doubled for members when this benefit is active.
  • Double Monstrology XP/Animus – Collected Animus and XP from Monstrology is doubled for members when this benefit is active.
  • Double Regeants/No Crafting Timer – All collected reagents from bosses and areas are doubled and when you craft something there is no timer.

These are limited time benefits, and may be used for one weekend or a week, depending on as KingsIsle sees fit. Members also get certain other full time benefits such as area access, and ranked PvP.