Let me start off by saying, balance is by far my favorite school to PvP with, the reason to this is because we all know balance is that school that loves to spam and we have the power to control each match with 3 of the best spells we obtain when reaching level 76. Later on this guide I will tell you what each spell is, and how to use it correctly. Using all the skills I teach you in this guide should open you a clean path to becoming overlord! Haha, don’t believe me? Well try it for yourself.

For credibility, here is the rank I have gained this age so far.

After you reach what I call “the rank of the exalts” (1300), you will notice that you will start facing a numerous amount of wizards with shadow spells, this shouldn’t worry you so much since we have the best 3 spells in the game that could stop any of their combo, Loremaster, Mana Burn, and perhaps Supernova.

The Gear

The gear I’ll show you is by far the best gear you could come across when doing transcendent balance PvP.

I would highly recommend to invest in some of the new Professor’s Hoard Packs. The reason to this is because you will want to have as much critical as you can get to critical your heals. The balance boots is what you will be looking for. (Alhazred’s Consistent Clogs)

Before starting PvP make sure you have enough tickets from tournaments to buy The Duelist’s Daredevil Ring, and the Duelist’s Fatal Razor. Those two pieces of gear are by far the most best ring and amulet you can find for PvP.

The Pet

Pets pets pets, the worst thing when it comes to PvP the pain of seeing your pet fail and prevent you from going into a match. Your pet is by far your best tool in a match. There is a wide range of pets that could be used in a match. Personally if you can obtain an Infallible, Enfeeble, Proof, and double balance damage. I would highly recommend using it when you surpass “the rank of exalts” because you wouldn’t want to face ice wizards who carry a mass amount of resist and a millennium amount of blades. Personally, I couldn’t get my hands on the pet I need, so these both pets will also work during a match. A Clockwork Paladin pet is the best pet when doing Balance PvP, you will need the minions to protect you and win you the clutch moments! Example pet:

Training Points

Lemme start off by saying, each one of your training points is valuable and will come into use during a match. That being said, spend you training points wisely, as you will need each last training point you can get.

Death to Doom and Gloom – 8 TP

(by far my most used spell during a balance PvP match, apart from Loremaster.)

Ice to Tower – 5 TP

Sun to Colossal – 5 TP

Star School to Infallible – 1 TP

Infection – 1 TP

Deck Setup

Now I am assuming this is the part everyone came for, so now lets get down to business.


The Strategy

The strategy to this deck is fairly simple, you may think it would be something complex, but no. Your 3 most useful spells in a match would be Loremaster, Mana Burn, and Doom and Gloom.

This strategy consists of 3 main steps, the setup, the spam, and the clean up. You brought your opponent down to half health with the use of lore what do you do? That’s right, you will doom. However, if you doom with your health being below there’s just know Loremaster always loved you. Make sure to have enough health so he didn’t out smart you under a doom!

Step 1:

You entered your first match and at this point you will want to build pips and organize your deck for step 2, with all those infections, weaknesses etc, you should be able to get a good stream of hangings on him. Infections and weaknesses will be key, so spam them until you are ready to dominate. As you may know you wouldn’t be facing many people with block and much more people with high critical, you would want to stay in constant protection and not go fully offensive just so yet. Mana burn is your key spell, keep your pips high, and their pips lows. I will explain each school specific strategies later down this guide and what you will need to discard against each one.

Step 2:

*Now remember*

If you don’t pull doom, you played it all wrong.

This is why I keep so many Doom and Gloom in the main deck and in the side deck. Now, here is where you will start your combos and lore spams, from here on you would want to put up an infallible to pierce all that resist on your opponent and prevent from fizzles, remember DO NOT INFALLIBLE AGAINST BALANCE WIZARDS! While under your infallible you would want to spam your opponent with the meticulous Loremaster, and making sure at the same time their pips aren’t so high and you are under protection. Mana burn is the best spell if you used it right so always have one in hand to stop their combo’s. Never let your opponent’s minion stay for more than a round, this will cause a huge problem and may break your strategy. Loremaster is your best tool because it can de-buff your opponents and perhaps force them to heal, at this point in the match you’re sitting at more than half health, you will want to doom asap to prevent them from healing all your damage. Make sure to POP all as many of their auras to deal a decent amount of damage making them drain their pips.

Step 3:

This is probably by far the easiest step, during this step you would want to finish them up with a few Loremaster and make sure you constantly have doom up, NEVER OVER DRAW YOUR TC.

Finishing up your opponent, you have a numerous amount of spells that can finish up your opponent, scorpion, and judgement, I also include a few stuns just in case I do not pull either of those spells. After your match gives yourself a pat on the back and make sure not to be mean to your opponent, but what you should do is give them a hand and give them some advice on what they could have done next time. If you are second, do not be scared to predict your opponents bubble, you have enough dooms to win you the game, after accomplishing your goal sit back and repeat the process. However, this leads to my next section the school specific strategies.

The Rank of The Exalts”

During your ladder to warlord you will start to face Wizards with shrike don’t be discouraged if you lose to them, however, just retry the process or maybe take a small break and come back and win a lot more matches. If you encounter shrike make sure you are constantly shielding and spamming weaknesses, mana burn to prevent them using the ugly shadow spells and stop their massive combo’s!

School Specific Strategies

Fire: Most fires you will face will most likely have burning rampage, this isn't a serious problem since you have the triage in your side deck. Keep their pips low and your pips high, build pips and organize until you can let the lores fly. You are at full health and they are at half health, if you don't pull doom, you played wrong. Doom spam, and try to predict a few of their dooms.

Ice: Most ices you will face, will blade stack and carry a mass amount of resist, I encourage you to use your pet minion if you have one. Infection is key to force them to spend their pips on fairies. Keep their pips constantly low to prevent a huge combo being pulled off, most ices will carry a bunch of heals and are fairly protective, ices are the king of overtimes when it comes to transcendent PvP, also keep your triage in hand to prevent them from dealing a heck amount on their frostbites or angels, their strategy consists of frostbite into a winter moon, which should potentially end you. You will want stack weaknesses and spam lore, doom spam for the finishing (step 3)

Storms: KILL, KILL IT NOW! Against a storm you will want to kill it as fast as you can, no need for building pips, all storms follow the same routine, infallible into a storm lord followed by insane bolt or a few spam hits. You will want to pop their bubble and send a main stream of lores, make sure to be in constant protection. Forget about the dooms! Find your heals as soon as possible and the extra critical from the boots will for sure come in handy.

Balance: Ahhhh balance! Balances are by far the hardest school to face apart from myth when going second, if you encounter a balance, remember, keep your pips high and their pips low, send a stream of lores in and you should expect the same from them. They will stack infections on you and weaknesses. Do not doom until you are in a safe position or above half health. Once doomed against a balance it will never go off, so remember, kill them faster than they kill you! Going from first, follow the same routine just without infallible. Never infallible against a balance.

Life: Ah, life life life, by far the most fastest school to play against so I'll try to make this one short. Build pips by spamming infections and weaknesses, you wouldn't be facing any lifes that are above legendary, you will only face the life's that are grandmaster and have a total of 3000 rank. You are at max pips at tis point you should doom and start the lore spam. From second, predict their sanctuaries and force them to waste their pips on their 3 pip bubbles.

Myth: By far my most favorite school to play against, the reason to this is because myths aren't so easy as you may think, however, its the other way around they are actually very hard to predict. You wont be facing many transcendent myths but rather level 60 myths, these myths tend to carry high heal boost and tend to blade stack a lot, it will be tricky to counter them from second. They can easily counter your dooms using their own myth bubbles. Myths are the type who will love to use Talos and spam minions, make sure to not let them live for longer than a round. They can easily mess up your entire strategy, against myths you will want to doom as soon as you can and keep their pips low, apply a stun block on yourself ASAP. Infallible, and let the stream of lores go. Doom spam against myth is what I would do. Don't be afraid to predict a few dooms from second. Overall be careful with myths, they have plenty tricks up their sleeves!

Deaths: One of the most predictable schools to face, their strategy consists of blades stacking into a skeleton dragon into some sort of low pip spell. You enter a match and realize you are facing a death, spam infections and weaknesses, you have the triage in your side deck for extreme cases when they pull off a skeleton dragon on you. Make sure to triage ASAP. Prevent them from building pips, mana burn to pop it all out. Lets the lores fly applying bunch on de-buffs on them. You may also face deaths that I like to call “Spammy” these deaths are rather easy to kill, they spam poison and all other low tier spells forcing you to waste pips by healing. Be under protection against those and make sure not drain your pips for no reason.

Jades: At transcendent you will face a couple of death jades and in rare cases life jades on your journey to overlord, going first against jades, they will most likely flee when they see your death amulet. Going second, it will be hard since you will have to keep their pips constantly low and you will have to predict all their bubbles. I would recommend to flee in these types of matches since whats the point of fighting and wasting so much time. HOWEVER, only flee to death juju spammers because the other jades are very easy to beat from second, they don't have the power to stop your hits like deaths, Never flee to any jade if you go first. Infallible into a lore spam and keep their pips constantly low.

Shadow: At around a rank of 1300 you will notice you will start facing people with shadow spells, against these you will want to be constantly under protection, forget about the dooms and keep their pips low, spam lore while at the same time protecting yourself. Minion from your pet would be really helpful. Never discard a heal against max wizards.

Thank you for reading this guide I hope all your matches will be successful!