Wizard101 will soon be available for download on the gaming platform Steam! This movement is an amazing move for Kingsisle as they continue to make their most popular MMO very successful during it’s tenth anniversary. Adding WIzard101 to Steam will allow people to download the game and make an account all from the steam app! There are some difficulties with this but overall this is a good move and will help new members join our amazing community!

Wizard101 stated in their announcement of the game being added to Steam,”You cannot use your current KingsIsle account on Steam or link it to your Steam account. That means that you won’t be able to access the Crowns, Characters, and Membership purchases of any account not created through Steam.” This is the only part that people have been bit anxious about. While you cannot use your regular Wizard101 account on Steam it does not affect anyone at all so there is no point of being annoyed since at the moment there is no benefit of having a Wizard101 account on steam. In the future their may be benefits like badges or Steam Achievements you can show off to your friends but Kingsisle has yet to announce that they will do any of that.

It will be nice to be able to say Wizard101 is a Steam game in the future since Steam is a very widely known gaming platform and this will assist Kingsisle with more publicity for it’s amazing game. This move has only benefits and now downsides to it so no need to be angry or anxious at this move, because this will only help and not hurt the game. For more information on this move see the links below.

What are your thoughts on WIzard101 being added to Steam?