Bone Dragons?

Wizard101 has plenty of mounts, horses, gobblers, tigers, even fangles. But have you heard of the elusive Bone Dragon version 1.0? You might go sure the big bony dragon from the dragon’s hoard pack, what’s so special about it? The answer lies in its original version, available for a short period when the pack was released before it was changed, it has recently popped up again as a PvP prize.

A one-day version even made an appearance as a temporary mount for one of Edward Lifegem’s run events. It is also the only mount in Wizard101 that has the same name with two different types of mount. Sure, there are plenty of re-skins of different colors, but these two are completely different animations with the exact same title.

The conversations i hear around this specific mount(s) is odd. Some wish the old one had been kept, others prefer the newer one. But almost everyone i have talked to about it believe in some sort of theory of its existence. The most popular one is that Kingsisle changed the plan for the mount and uploaded the wrong one to begin with, followed by it was a test as the first hidden stat boosting mount. Another common theory is that the mount was originally meant for KI staff only but accidentally ended up in the dragon hoard pack.