Where would the Wizards of the Spiral be without Theurgists? Often underestimated, but always desirable as team mates, Life wizards are the best at healing – fact! Since the dawn of time, we’ve used Pixie and Satyr to save ourselves and our friends from untimely defeats and over the years there has been an abundance of healing spells handed down to us which are all really useful in certain situations. Here I break down all the healing spells and tell you which situations are best to use them in along with a rating of each spell.

Minor Blessing

Minor Blessing is the first healing spell on our list and it’s also the only one which costs 0 pips! Apart from when you’re questing in Unicorn Way, Minor Blessing isn’t anything but, well, minor. However, the blessing really comes in higher level worlds and PvP when you have an Infection placed on you or a Life Dispell as apart from Life wand hits, Minor Blessing will allow you to remove those debuffs without using up any pips!

Rating: 2/5

Fairy / Pixie

For life wizards this spell is called Fairy and allows you to heal yourself or a friend for 420 health. For non-life wizards this spell is called Pixie and allows you to only heal yourself for 400. But whatever school you belong to, we all know this little green Tinkerbell as the first ever healing spell that we could use. That doesn’t mean she has been made redundant however. She may be 10 years old but Pixie is still a great heal for when you start questing otherwise you would die a lot more and for higher levels she’s still useful for when you need to heal yourself for small top-up amounts or when you only have 2 pips. I have seen many wizards with really high incoming heals (plus used with Sanctuary) means our fairy friend can heal for around 2,000 health which makes her a popular maycast on pets for both PvP and PvE.

Rating: 4/5


The first heal-all spell in the game, Unicorn allows you to heal all friends for 275 health. Whilst many wizards prefer to use the *superior* Pigsie, Unicorn is still a vital healing spell to have in your healing decks as the cost of only 3 pips means that you don’t have to wait another turn should you be unfortunate enough to not gain a power pip which could make the difference between life or death. Unicorn is also a popular may cast on healing pets, and note the may cast version of this spells heals for 315.

Rating: 3/5


Sprite is another great low-level healing spell for one main reason: the pip cost. As it only costs 1 pip, Sprite is useful as it can keep you alive whilst you either wait to heal big with Pixie or whilst you buff up to hit a blow and kill an enemy (so it’s only really useful in that situation when your enemy is near defeat). Sprite isn’t really useful in mid-higher levels as there are better heal over times but a 300 healing spell for 1 pip can’t be argued with!

Rating: 2/5


The sound of the flute, the stomping of the hooves, you know you are going to be alright when Satyr saves the day! This spell heals for 860 health and costs 4 pips. As it only becomes trainable to life wizards at level 26 I remember waiting anxiously until I was old enough to learn this spell!  Satyr is arguably the most diverse and useful healing spell in the game. It can heal for large amounts of health, it only costs four pips and it can pretty much save anyone from the brink of defeat. No wonder so many people buy Life Mastery’s, it’s for our King Satyr!

Rating: 5/5


Regenerate is the second heal-over time spell that all Theurgists will learn, however unlike Sprite I would say this spell is not really useful to keep yourself alive as it costs 5 pips and whilst it does heal more than Satyr you would probably need to heal in one instant hit rather than over three rounds. On the other hand, Regenerate can come in handy when you’re in battle with a hitter, say Storm for example, and you want to keep them alive whilst you save pips to then heal yourself if you need to. But I have to say I have rarely even used this spell as I think Satyr is just the better alternative.

Rating: 1.5/5


I have to say that I was personally really excited to learn Dryad. It is life’s first and only X-pip spell, meaning that it will use up all of your pips and heal you according to how many pips you have. This means that if you have all 7 power pips, you can heal for an astonishing 2800 base heal. That being said, this means that it is only really useful when you need a big heal, as if you have 4 pips (which is the same cost as Satyr) it will heal for less. In my experience Dryad is most useful in two situations: in PvP when you need a huge heal or in the later worlds of questing (I would say Azteca on wards) as sometimes there are dungeons where you have to complete battle after battle and you’ll often find that there are no health wisps so what I would do is go through a dungeon then at the end of the penultimate battle give myself a huge heal with Dryad so I am at full health for the boss battle (or just don’t be cheap like me and use a potion).

Rating: 2.5 / 5


There is no coincidence in the name of this spell as casting it really is like your whole team being reborn. At level 48 Life wizards, I believe, begin to fulfil their destiny with this 7 pip spell. Rebirth was, and arguably still is the best heal-all spell in the game. A huge upgrade from our unicorn friend, Bartleby will heal all friends for 650 health whilst giving each team member a 400 absorb shield (essentially healing all friends for 1,050). The best situations for using this spell are for when more than one team member has low health or when you know a big hit is coming (for example before the Bone Dragon hits in the fight with Malistaire the Undying) and you want the absorbs for your team. I say it’s arguably the best heal-all spell because next we’re going to talk about, well you know…

Rating: 4.5/5


When we used to ask the Spiral gods “Can we please have a 4 pip spell that heals the whole team for 550 health?” they used to respond with “When pigs fly!” and they really meant it! The most difficult healing spell to obtain in the game attributes to it’s usefulness as a healer. Whether you decide to go down the crafting route (like me) or you’re fortunate enough to have it land on your lap, Pigsie can heal for a high amount in one turn meaning that it won’t be long before you can cast it again, unlike Rebirth which costs 7 pips. And whilst it’s not as rare as it once was, you’ll still see Wizheads saying “Cool spell, bro!” when you cast it.

Rating: 5/5

Guardian Spirit

When I reached Level 75 I demanded people call me Taylor the Undying, because I really couldn’t die! More a utility spell than a full healing spell, everyone was outraged that Theurgists could bring themselves back to 15% of their life for 5 pips! Whilst Guardian Spirit won’t make you completely invincible (15% is not a lot) it’s useful for when soloing hard bosses because if you die before them and they have low health then you should be able to kill within two rounds. I didn’t really find myself using this spell properly until Mirage, or just when I wanted to annoy people in PvP.

Rating: 3.5/5

King Artorius (Life)

Just don’t.

Wings of Fate

So Wings of Fate could be dubbed another King Artorius… and Theurgists weren’t exactly pleased to find out that their new Shadow-enhanced spell would be a low damage and low heal over time spell, but there is one particular instance in which Wings of Fate can be useful, but it’s very circumstantial. So you’re the healer in a team of four, maybe it’s PvE or PvP, and all of your enemies have Tower / Legion shields on them plus you need to heal your team. Then enchant these two gorgeous swans with Radical and you can heal your whole team whilst destroying the enemies shields so that your hitter can deal their full damage. Or, you could simply use it to scare an over-killer into destroying the 20 traps they’ve so carefully placed on every enemy, it’s up to you.

Rating: 2/5

Scion of Life

Whilst many were outraged that Life received ANOTHER healing spell in the most-recent update, it just means we get another spell to discuss in this list! Branded “useless”, “unusable” and “worthless” poor old Blossom has received her fair share of critique (along with the outrage at her new hairdo). But I’m here to tell you that there is use for this 11 pip spells which heals for 1100 and 300 over time to all friends. Like the other Scion spells, this healing spell will double if the conditions of the target having 25% or less of their full health are met (and most crucial to note is that it will be QUADRUPLED if the condition is met and you critical). So yes, whilst you wouldn’t use this spell if you weren’t going to meet the double conditions,  Scion of Life is useful when you’re in a team and you need to heal someone for a large amount whilst giving the rest of your team a little boost (and if you just want to see Blossom’s dopey little face).

Rating: 3.5/5

Let me know what your favourite healing spell is in the comments below and why! Also if you have any cool and unique healing spell ideas. See you around!