Pet Tale 1: The Littlest Pony

Once upon a day in the spiral, three young unicorns were born. A light blue one born of the sky, a pink one born of the earth, and a black one born of the night.

The tiniest one was black and always felt sad because she was not as colorful as the other unicorns. Because she was born of the night element, she preferred to sleep during the day.

At pony school, she often fell asleep during class and the other ponies often avoided her. She always felt out of place like she didn’t belong.

She went and visited the house of the other two unicorns. They were the only ones who would talk with her.

One night they had a sleep over, but the little black unicorn pony could not sleep. She was always awake at night.

The next morning the other unicorns woke up. But the little black one just wanted to go to bed.

She began to wonder if there was something wrong with her. So late one night she went to talk with NightFlame. NightFlame was the leader of the castle guard’s night division.

NightFlame had always been nice to her. She had once gotten lost in the castle and NightFlame had brought her back to the stable.

She found NightFlame putting together patrol units for the night shift around the castle. He whinnied in greeting and came over to her.

She was desperate to know why she was always so different from the other ponies. He responded that of course she was different. She was a pony of the night just like him. But different is not bad.

He explained to her about how it was the night ponies’ job to take care of the castle and the other ponies while they slept. She should not try to hide her differences; she should use them. They are what make her special.

“The night ponies have a very important job.” He said. “and one day, you will also be a great night pony guard.” He smiled down at the little unicorn pony.

And when the time came to pick her name and join in the night guard, the littlest pony proudly stated, “I am NightSky, because the night is a part of me.” She whinnied happily as she stood tall, proud of who she was.