One of the newest member benefits is double reagents which helps crafters across the spiral! Whether the reagents are farmed or dropped you will receive double the amount that you would have originally received. Seeing as it is Wizard101’s 10th birthday I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss how you can take advantage of many of the member benefits that are on offer, starting with crafting!

This member benefit is the newest to be added to the game, and whilst not everybody crafts I would advise that if there was anything you would like to craft then it is best to do so whilst this benefit is available. Below are a list of reagents that you just NEED to get during this member benefit.


Amber is arguably one of, if not THE hardest reagent to obtain in the Spiral. With only a limited number of ways to get your hands on it and with a lot of difficult recipes that require it (most notably spell and castle recipes) it can be incredibly frustrating to acquire when this member benefit isn’t running (knowing that my entire week of farming Cronus so that I could craft Pigsie could have been halved if I had done it during Double Reagents still hurts). Below is the list of places where you can find Amber:

  • Gardening – most notably King Parsley and Ultra King Parsley’s. This is a good route to go if you wish to acquire lots of Amber over a long period of time. There’s also the added bonus of being able to receive double the amount of Amber during the Double Gardening member benefit. Although like anything it is not guaranteed that gardening will harvest Amber and this isn’t useful if you need Amber quickly.
  • Fishing Chests – You can find Amber inside the fishing chests of Baobab Crown and Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria, the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet and the Outlaw’s Refuge bundle house. Although this route is only really useful if you were fishing in these places anyway and happened to catch some Amber along the way.
  • Daily Rewards – What some people may not know is that Amber is dropped by the Dromel Merchant in the Nomad’s Camp castle and the Lost and Found Chest in the Empyrea Castaway’s Bungalow. Although it’s rare, it’s worth a shot visiting castle tours each day and you may get lucky.
  • Farming – This way is probably the fastest way to acquire Amber, especially during the double reagent member benefit. Whilst a number of bosses drop Amber in the higher level worlds, the best boss to farm Amber is Cronus in Tartarus, Aquila. The reason for this is because you can easily find people to farm with you which makes farming go a lot quicker. If you aren’t Level 90 you can farm Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus however I find that he is a bit more difficult to fight. You will need to enter with no more than 1 wizard (2 in total) and have the other 2 port in to avoid extra minions. You will also need to bring a lot of cleanses as Glad’s natural attack gives a -90% weakness.

Sonic Springs 

Sonic Springs are also quite a rare reagent as they are only dropped by bosses in the Telegraph Box during the Five B.O.X.E.S event and are required for every recipe sold by Rose Piper. Luckily for us, the Five B.O.X.E.S is running now until September 12th so you can stock up on some Sonic Springs. The best way to do so is by farming the Wizard City Telegraph Box.

Hatching Peppers

The newest reagent to be added into the game, Hatching Peppers can only be obtained when other wizards choose to hatch with your pets in the Hatching Kiosk! Thanks to the most recent summer update, Hatching Peppers are now doubled during this member benefit so put all of your adult pets into the kiosk and you’ll be able to craft things such as your own Hatching Kiosk, pets snacks and hatching elixirs from Doctor Purreau in the Pet Hatchery.

Rare Harvests

If you didn’t know, some reagents can only be harvested as a rare drop from a reagents that you pick up from around the spiral. So not only is it great to go and harvest reagents to stock up on during this member benefit, but it’s also good when you receive double the amount of rare harvests from those reagents too. Below you can find a list of reagents and the rare harvests that they drop!

Let us know any tips you may have about obtaining reagents below!