Arcanum Archives Sweet Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wizard101 Community, we have a sweet surprise for you! In honor of spreading the love this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some sweets with the community.

Beginning today, Monday, February 14th, 2022, reply to the Valentine’s Giveaway Tweet over on @ArcanumArchives Twitter account with a picture or screenshot of your wizard for a chance to win a Candied Isles Bundle for Wizard101!

That’s not all folks, we have another sweet surprise! Tag a single friend in your entry if you’d like, and if you win, they will ALSO win a Candied Isle’s Bundle for Wizard101 as well to share the love!

This giveaway ends Friday, February 25th, 2022. Good luck everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to KingsIsle for Providing the Codes