Spring Scroll of Fortune 2021 Review

With the Winter Scroll of Fortune thawing out, it’s time for the next Scroll of Fortune to spring into action! The Spring 2021 Scroll of Fortune Season is here!

First, are you new to Scroll of Fortunes or looking for a review on a past Scroll?

As with previous Scroll of Fortunes, there are 3 pages of rewards, ranging from reagents and beastmoon items to themed gear and the always awesome member-benefit elixirs. Exclusive items such as the season scroll wall hanging housing item, seasonal emote and teleport effect are also shining on this season’s scroll as well.

  • Standard + Member Benefit Elixirs
  • Spring Themed Hat, Robe, Boots
  • Spring Themed Emote
  • Crown Shop Packs
  • Space-Themed Pack
  • Reagents
  • Rank 1 and Rank 2 Spellements
  • Beastmoon Resources
  • Deckathalon Resources
  • Cherry Blossom Teleport Effect
  • Exclusive Scroll Portrait of Completion Housing Item
  • New Temporary Mounts
  • Possible Secret Rewards?


As with previous Scroll of Fortunes, temporary mounts are in this season’s scroll. These two never before seen mounts are certainly unique, one of which being connected to a newly teased pack. These are the new stargazer’s rocket (7-day, and connected to the astrologer’s hoard pack) and the new petalfarthing (3×30-days) mounts.

Notable Items:

Aside from the new mounts, many rare crafting reagents can be found, such as participation trophies, amber, shining scales and the new blueprint tokens. An additional castle elixir is present in the scroll, alongside the returning standard and member-benefit elixirs. The new seasonal emote and teleport effect are included in the scroll, as well as an entire set of spring-themed gear. As with previous Scroll of Fortunes, Beastmoon and Deckathalon resources can be heavily found throughout the scroll, such as Deckathalon runes, Lunari and Beastmoon Idols. Note: The seasonal wall hanging is currently showing the previous season’s and will likely be fixed soon

Pros and Cons


  • Rare Crafting Reagents such as Amber, Participation Trophies and Blueprint Tokens
  • Exclusive Teleport Effect and Emote
  • Exclusive Seasonal Portrait Housing Item
  • Various Deckathalon and Beastmoon Resources
  • New 7-Day and 3×30 Day Mounts
  • A Few Crown Shop Packs
  • Standard Elixirs
  • Member-Benefit Elixirs
  • New Beanstalk Housing Item
  • Considered a Value Worth More Than 15,000+ Crowns
  • Only 7,500 Crowns For Members
  • Approximately 90 Days Total To Complete
  • Doesn’t Require A Membership To Purchase


  • No Permanent Mounts
  • Relatively Small Number of Packs
  • Can Be Seen as Heavy on Beastmoon and Deckathalon Resources Compared to Other Items

Final Review

Over time, the Scroll of Fortunes have improved, which is definitely reflected in this scroll. A total of 4 mounts are seen here, and the standard as well as member-benefit elixirs have made their return, which are greatly enjoyed by all players who obtain them.  One of the mounts teases the new astrologist’s pack, which looks like the next pack items will be based on the stars. The rare reagents are useful for crafting highly sought-after items, such as Arcanum crafting items and the new craftable gauntlets. The new blueprint tokens are available, making it the second source of the new reagent after the introduction of the Spiral Scene event. For any Beastmoon or Deckathalon fans, this is the one of the top sources for the events. The extremely useful Lunari is found all throughout, and players know how useful the idols are. With what appears to be the new interact-able item (beanstalk) and spring themed gear added, they help fine tune the scroll to the season. And of course, we can’t forget the emote and teleport effect. The flower-blowing emote and cherry blossom teleport effect are extremely unique and high quality, and I believe a lot of players will be using them as the season goes on. Both of these are great examples of how extravagant emotes and teleport effects are becoming, making me excited to see what the future ones will be. Overall, there is no arguing that the combined worth of everything in the scroll is well worth 15,000+ crowns. Sadly, there is still no permanent mount, but the 3×30-day mounts give players a longer-mount experience, divided up so they won’t all be used up a single time frame (changed from the previously seen Chromaticat 90-day mount). Crown shop packs are rather low in the scroll, and many players who don’t have an interest in Beastmoon or the Deckathalon are going to see many of these items enter their respective inventories (although the items don’t negatively effect you in anyway, so later on if you are interested in trying these events, you will have some of the resources you need). Finally, I must emphasize on how well the scroll appears overall. The scroll is well rounded around the Spring theme, includes useful elixirs and reagents, and provides the needed Deckathalon and Beastmoon resources. Overall, its obvious the scrolls have improved over time since they were first released. I would definitely recommend this scroll, especially since the emote, gear, seasonal wall hanging and teleport effect are exclusive to this season’s scroll.

Let me know, what do y’all think of the Spring 2021 Scroll of Fortune?