Myrna Moon Mender:

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Overview: In this series, (part 2), I’ll be going through Myrna Moon Mender’s houses. Myrna is a close friend of mine and can easily uphold the nickname ” The Mistress of Decorating.” The most notable aspects about her homes are the precision and care put into them. Myrna is who inspired me to start decorating, she focuses less on the complex castle magic, however, makes up for it in simplicity and perfect detailing.

The houses I’ll be going through will be her signature red barn farms as well as dorms. I’ll also be going through my favorite house of hers.

1st: The Death Barn

Wow! What a spectacular entrance to begin this blog. The Death Barn incorporates the perfect mix of death and beauty.


This death pond features a skeletal dragon lost at sea, surrounded by darkmoor columns as well as graveyard trees.


Similar to the Death Barn, this dorm of hers also utilizes a mix of death and beauty.

2nd: The Life Barn

This is my personal favorite barn, it utilizes Mooshu furniture and has many life-related elements.

This entrance of hers is lovely as well, she crafted her own windows using soji rice paper and statues looking outward.


A lovely place to meditate in a tranquil atmosphere and stare at the flamingos.


Being a master at castle block creations, Myrna created her own Imperial Castle.

3rd: The Balance Barn

This is a uniquely crafted Krokotopia barn, up ahead one can see a tunnel of sand dunes.


Similar to the Nile, this water is full of dangerous creatures, I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim.


This is a balance-themed dorm with a magnificent stone castle. Rose stained glass is used to decorate the windows and there are crystal structures on the path.

4th: The Ice Barn

Moving in on some chilly weather, this house incorporates a cool feel (pun intended) to the ice school. Lydia furniture is utilized as ice crystals and upon walking closer to the entrance there is a lovely centerpiece that uses the snow storm mount, talk about dedication!


A most lovely ice pond that features proper penguins running around, as well as a vast amount of glacier rocks with winged rams sitting on them.


This is my favorite dorm of hers, it is truly spectacular. As one walks in this beautiful world is presented as one walks past the colorful snow apples. This was all homemade by castle blocks and glitching.

5th: The Storm Barn

A truly majestic, formal, and colorful storm-based castle.


This is my personal favorite pond of hers, it includes adorable beta fish swimming in the water, and also beautiful monarch butterflies sitting on their perch.


This is every storm wizards dream, having a castle in one’s own dorm is amazing. This storm-based dorm features a castle floating in the sky, Kraken statues, and a central Triton statue surrounded by storm whirlwinds.

6th: The Fire Barn

This fire barn is a bit different from her others, Dragonspyre-based rocks are used to make a wall, and there is a clear distinction that one is walking into a fiery and chaotic lair.


Upon venturing into the lair, looking forward to the pond, it features burning pixies roaming the water, however, on the very top of the rock mountain, the grand dragon sits atop and watches all.

Favorite non-red barn farm house:

 Royal Estate:

What a gorgeous entrance! This is definitely my favorite house of hers, it is surreal. When walking in one is greeted by a vast array of cherry blossom trees, hedges, berry bushes, and even some cherry blossoms falling. This house was also made with a story in mind.

Cheesiwitz Carousel Park:

One of the many side activities in this house is visiting the Cheesiwitz Carousel Park. One can take a seat and enjoy an amazing view or even snap a picture with the Cheesiwitz family. It can be said this entire house is based on the Cheesiwitz family fortune, (as I’ll get to below).

The Cheesiwitz Family Fortune Company:

When walking into this factory, it can finally be revealed why the Cheesiwitz Family is so wealthy. There is only one answer, Cheese! Below the steps will be listed on how the cheese is produced, keep in mind these are all done with castle magic animations.

Step 1: Cheese trees drop melted cheese into barrels

With clever castle magic used, the barrels move in a time loop to effectively collect melted cheese dropped from the trees.

Step 2: The cheese is smelted

Once again, using the castle magic, the cheese moves through the fire to get smelted.

Step 3: The cheese is then plated and packaged

The cheese swiftly flows out of the conveyor belt plated, then gets packaged from a device dropping boxes from above. A process that allows quite an abundance of cheese to be shipped out.

Step 4: Cheese is stored/ shipped

The cheese is either stored for shipping, or one can even purchase some cheese in the factory.

Cherry blossom street:

A beautiful attraction in the Cheesiwitz home. one can sit under falling cherry blossoms. This area is kept clean by the street sweepers.

Romantic Park Area:

A very romantic area, even guests from the deserts of Mirage make the trip.


 Formal Dining area:

A fancy dining place indeed, the centerpiece on this table is detailed with pink flowers and cleverly shrunk fairy wing mounts.

Living Area:

A formal living area indeed, if one takes a closer look they can view baby Cheesiwitz hiding in the cheese. This is an excellent area to grab some tea and catch up with friends.


Going back to the statement said earlier in the guide that Myrna puts a lot of precision into her homes, this is a key illustrator. In glass display cases there is a shrunken Marleybone car, street lights, St. Bernard Statue, and altars of candles. This is a very difficult trick to do that requires perfect scaling and lots of patience.

Main Suite:

For those with deep pockets, one can stay in the exquisite main suite.  The suite is furnished with fancy curtains and a queen bed to make one feel like royalty.


To recap this article, there are so many fun activities to within the Cheesiwitz Family Estate. One can buy cheese, sit down to a fancy dinner, visit carousel park, tour the cheese factory, walk down cherry blossom street, and most importantly, enjoy the romantic and surreal atmosphere the house has to offer. It’s been a pleasure sharing this unique decorating style with you guys.

 Thanks so much for tuning into this series with me, comment down below what your favorite part was.