I may post a lot about myself on Twitter, however, I am friends with some very talented decorators who have different styles than myself. In this post, I’ll be going through some of my favorites houses that my friends have made. Each individual I feature has been decorating for a long time and has their own individual unique style.

Valkoor Mist Stone (@MicahArtsy on twitter):

The house of his I’ll be going through is his death house. Right off the bat when you enter the house (as shown above), you can tell that it is an ominous theme park. One key central detail here is how the pumpkin head rises up and down in the cauldron. The clown balloons also freaked me out for sure!

Walking into the beginning of this ominous house, you can see that this is indeed a spooky amusement park. There’s confetti covering the screen, a carousel ride, and many attractions I’ll be going through below. Valkoor even went as far as to make games such as hit the bell with the hammer (apparently called High striker, you learn something new every day). There are many attractions to be found here in variety, including the famous Detolli fire magician, trapeze, other magicians, magic mirrors, and even hidden rituals. What Valkoor is known for is how he decorates his houses with such an atmosphere that seems otherworldly. Valkoor has a style that focuses less on realism and more taps into the potential of a new reality.

1st attraction: Trapeze!

Valkoor did a spectacular job on this particular attraction, you can definitely tell it’s a suspenseful circus. Walking in, one can see a mantis carrying a stick that resembles a trapeze artist. Valkoor uses ice patches and bread crumbs to make the illusion that the mantis is walking on the rope suspended above flames.

2nd attraction: House of Magic Mirrors!

This is truly a spooky carnival attraction, when you walk in one initially sees plain mirrors. Upon walking in, when walking closer a spooky reflection in the mirror appears. He cleverly does this by having an invisible mannequin ready by the mirror, when one walks closer it appears visible giving the illusion of a reflection.

3rd attraction: Detolli the Magic Fire Magician!

Walking into this attraction, the wizard is greeted with four flames and a magic button. Upon pressing the magic button what first happens is the magic fire magician, Detolli appears. Detolli then summons a meteor storm which makes four fire specter monstrology minions appear. After this, four power novas are summoned destroying the essence of the minions. Through this power, four king art fire dragons rise up through the sky. As Detolli’s final trick, as the dragons slam down to attack him, he vanishes from sight.

4th attraction: Magician and his assistant/ test subject!

When walking in the wizard can see a magician with his assistant as well as 3 magic buttons. Button 1 floats the assistant in the air through the magician’s tricks. Button 2 turns the assistant into a gobbler and many other creatures. Button 3 shrinks the assistant to a super tiny size, then moments later makes him a giant size.

6th attraction: The Secret Ritual!

You walk into this spooky area by clicking a suspicious lever. Once inside you find a ritual area with a magic button, when pressed it starts the sequence.  First, 4 wraiths appear and raise the skeleton with entropic energy. Next, ghosts appear and blast the area, this makes the skulls rise up and down. Then, banshees appear, blast the area, and make the skeleton sacrifice rise up and down. Four King Arts then smash down to eat the sacrifice. Finally, through all of this, the final demon is summoned.

7th attraction: The Fortune Teller!

This is a fantastic room! When you walk in one sees this Khrysalis-shadow/ spider inspired chamber. Visually, from far away you can see that Elana Dark Sun is staring at you. As you walk up to get your fortune read,(because let’s be real one can be very curious), a jump scare is summoned by Elana where she turns into a giant spirit spider. This will most likely trigger your arachniphobia (if you’re like me).

Interview with Valkoor Mist Stone:

What inspires you most to decorate?

“When I decorate a house, I try to create my own environment in the game, and I want players to feel immersed in it as they would anywhere else in The Spiral. I think it’s a cool notion that house decorators can make something new that doesn’t necessarily exist in the game, but looks like it could be.”

What do you consider most important when decorating a house?

“I think adding nice creative details is most important. It sets your house apart from others, and is often unexpected and appreciated. Some examples could be the way 2 or more items are glitched together, utilizing Castle magic for effects, or adding house guests to bring life to the home.”

What do you think is most important to the atmosphere of the house?

“To me, the atmosphere is crucial to a creative and immersive house. I think most people overlook the choice in music. What you decide plays in the background will affect your experience. Don’t just use music themes you like, use ones people might forget about, that fit your theme well. For example, the Medulla Theme is perfect for anything sci-fi. Try using more Pirate101 music scrolls, that game has a fantastic range of themes, they are rarer to find but that makes them better.”

Comment below what your favorite part of the house was, -Thanks so much for tuning into this new series with me.