Brief Review of the Storyline

So, we have just finished the 3rd Story Arc. What are we going to see Yago? Wallaru? Allistar?
In the first Arc, we traveled through Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre. If you did the side worlds, like Wysteria and Grizzleheim, they were like a side Arc. Then in the second arc, we uncovered the prophecy of Morganthe. The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall.  As I was working through the second arc on my second wizard, I didn’t think the prophecy applied to Morganthe at first, and I thought it was Grandfather Spider. Now in arc 2, we traveled to Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysalis. Now the side arc was Wintertusk. In Celestia, Morganthe traveled deep and was learning the powers of Astral magic. In Zafaria she was recovering her deck of shadows from the mirror, and she broke the mirror and took what was hers after breaking the council of lights spell. Then, she traveled to Avalon, where she is going to call the horn of huracan. Avalon is where we go help King Artorius, and take the Sword of Kings. After Avalon, we finally travel to the most hated world, Azteca. Azteca is where Morganthe must learn the Song of Creation and save the Aztecs for Xibalba. So far, the mirror has broken, the horn has called, and the skies have fallen. Now, the finale of arc 2, Khrysalis. In order to go to the world of Khrysalis we have to make the spiral key, and we meet with the Council of Light to make the key. The members of the Council of Light are Diego the Duel Master, Emperor Yoshihito, Inyanga Whitestripes, Lady of the Lake/ King Artorius, Lydia Greyrose, Merle Ambrose, and Zenzen Seven Star. After we finished making the Spiral Key, we finally traveled to Khrysalis to end Morganthe’s Rein. We learned shadow magic, released grandfather spider, and defeated Morganthe where she then fell into the Spiral and is now missing. Now in Arc 3, we traveled to Polaris, Mirage, and Empyrea, along with the Arcanum. We defeated the sons of Grandfather Spider, and became a student at the Arcanum. But in each world we discovered something. In Polaris we found the Auroracle, Mirage had the Sands Of Time, and Empyrea we had the First World, and the Storm/ Aethyr Titan. Before we traveled to Empyrea part 2, at the end of part 1, we entered the Spiral Void.

What are we going to see?

From the end of arc 3 we have plenty of mysteries of left unsolved like, where did Sandiago go? Who is in the locked room of the Arcanum? Is Morganthe alive? Is Morganthe in the world of Pirates? How is the spiral being held if it was created through the Chaos Heart? Also, at the end of the House of Scales, we were teased with an enemy named Sekhmet. Who is he/she and what world is he/she from? Is the Cabal still out there and coulde we be visiting the Spiral Void or going to Earth at some point?

What worlds are we going to?

We have had some spoilers through some side worlds, and through the storyline on what worlds we may be visiting, in the tower of the helephant, we had Yago spoiled from Kogasha the Helephant. Wallaru spoiled from some of the scholars at the arcanum, also Zanders Home. And Allistar spoiled throughout the storyline. Will we go to any worlds from Pirate101? Cool Ranch? Valencia? With that being said, could any of these worlds be the ones we go to?

So with that note, what are we going to see in Arc 4? Could it be an old enemy? Could it be another world? I dont know but we will find out soon!

This is Mysteries of Ravenwood,
                             signing off.