Thank you all so much for coming to the stream! We had tons of people show up and had loads of fun! Even though we didn’t reach our donation goal we did raise 11 dollars which was all donated to Toys for Tots. We also had a lot giveaways and activities we did throughout the stream. The winner of the donating contest was @bhms_us who donated $6 to Toys for Tots. The winner of the hashtag contest on Twitter was @Tara_Windwalker. The winner of the maze contest was @MLG_Sloth_Lail who finished really fast, even faster then the maze master Michael Wildflame. There were many more winners and tons of other prizes given out to other people.

To start off the stream we all took port buses to the Christmas house! There were tons of decorations and different things in this house that have never been seen in the spiral till now. I hope you all enjoyed the house because I certainly enjoyed decorating it! Then we toured the house and hung out while playing some PvP. After a quick round of 4v4 we all got ready to do a fun maze. Like I said before Lail won the maze and did it really fast.

After that we all met in the commons and got ready to play some hide and seek in Wizard City. It was a very difficult game but we gave away a total of 300 empowers (100 to each winner) and on the challenge round we gave away codes for a golden beak wand and a random Christmas item along with the 100 empowers. After hide and seek we all met up back at the Christmas house for a group picture which turned out beautifully as seen below!

Then for the rest we all hung out with each other, gave away the rest of the giveaway codes, and did a little PvP. Me and Kirsten Wild even got to fight a little but the match took too long and I had to go, maybe next time we will get to finish the fight 🙂

Thank you all so much for attending this event and I hope we will have even more fun next year!