It’s that time of year again and let’s celebrate the season of giving by donating to one of my favorite seasonal charities: Toys for Tots. Here some info on how you can come and help with the charity stream.


December 16th

11:00pm – 2:00pm Pacific Time

12:00pm – 3:00pm Mountain Time

1:00pm – 4:00pm Central Time

2:00pm – 5:00pm Eastern Time


Come to Ravenwood Seraph realm and we will have multiple port buses ready to take you to the Christmas party house.


These are your hosts for this event.


Edward LifeGem

Michael WildFlame

Be sure to follow them on Twitter!


We will be giving away multiple $10 Crowns or member gift card codes in raffles and for prizes for the people that win our contests. Also there will be multiple prizes of 250 empowers. Good luck and I hope you win! There is also a maze and the winner will also get 5000 crowns! The code word is hooray (you need to know this in order to finish the maze)

What to bring?

Well it is Christmas time so make sure to bring your Santa outfit! Two lucky winners who are wearing their Santa outfits will receive 100 empowers each! So grab that hat and put on your fat suit and get ready to party!

Where are my donations going?

For this first event we will have a goal of $100. I know we all can do it! The money will be going to Toys for Tots which is an organization that gives toys to children that have parents and family that cannot afford to give toys to their children for the holidays. All the money you give will be used to buy toys which will be donated the next day to Toys for Tots! If you have requests for what toys you want me to buy for this just email me at

For more information about where your donations go, visit

Official stream

Go to  for the official streaming of this event!

We can’t wait to see you at this awesome event!