Recap of Event

The Extra Life stream was one of my favorite, heart warming events that we have ever done. We are so happy that we all did it. We were able to stream for a total of 6 hours! We couldn’t of done all that gaming without your support. Before the event started, Sarah Skystrider did a pre-stream of Pirate101 for a little bit of questing. When the official stream started, we got to work right away with Empyrea part 1 side quests. Sadly we were only able to complete one, the beastman fight club. Luckily we never have to do it again! All 4 of us life wizards after 3 hours of struggling through it were filled with joy after the quest was finally complete. After that side quest we were so tired out from fighting we went to sing Disney carols to everyone around the spiral. We also had awesome transformations for each song.

We also made Krokotopia proud by invading Wizard City with mander transformations and repeatedly saying one of us in unison until the person we circled transformed to a mander too.

Fundraising Goals

Through Extra Life we were able to meet 3 different goals!!!! We didn’t even think we would meet our first goal at the Arcanum’s Archives but you all surprised us! Our first goal of $100 was met first, then $150, then during the stream our final goal of $250 was met and we were so amazingly happy with all of you! Thank you all for your support and donations! Prizes will be sent out soon to our raffle winners! For updates on raffle winners of our donation contest, check us out on twitter at

Thank You

We would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone that was a part of all of this! Thank you to Sarah Skystrider and Emma Spiritcaller for helping co-host the event, thank you to all the donors that were generous enough to help reach our goal, thank you to Kingsisle for providing us with codes for our event, and thank you to everyone that attended the event and participated in all of our activities. We are proud to be a part of a community that does amazing things like all of you did, so once again, thank you.