Hoard pack released 1-17-2019

This stellar pack gives a chance at some awesome in game items for your wizard. Including the new Hurricane pet & 2 person Nimbari Chariot mount!

The pack also includes 3 different gear sets. The Justicar (purple) set seems to be aimed toward myth and storm stats. The Centurion (blue) set is aimed toward ice and fire. The Praetor set (green) is aimed for life and death stats.

The Weapon’s maycast turns your character into a Nimbari which then strikes out at your opponent. While the Chariot mount sends off lightning from under it, with a 40% speed boost to your wizard.

The pack does drop a few new housing items and a few older items as well. It also tends to drop a lot of housing guests from the game Whirlyburly.

With the release of the pack also came another rewards weekend for crown players. For every 3,990 crowns spent, one free Nimbari pack is given to the player, similar to the rewards weekend when the Gingerbread pack was released.

Thanks to Michael WildFlame for the help with some of the pictures!