NEW! Unicorn Hoard Pack

OH MY GOSH IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!!!! Haha. There is a new pack in the crowns shop everyone, and it is one that we know everyone will love. The Unicorn Hoard pack has so much cuteness to offer, you might have an overload of cuteness if you open this pack just once because you have a chance of getting the adorable plush unicorn pet, or the majestic unicorn mount, or if you loves unicorns that much you have a chance of getting gear to dress up like a unicorn! Make sure to check out this wonderful new pack in the crowns shop. Here is some of the fun and fluffy stuff we were able to get from this new pack so far.

Here are the adorable pets!

So cute! Next we have these majestic unicorn mounts 3 different ones and each one is unique in its own way!

Very cool! Next off we have this AWESOME unicorn gear!

And we got two new housing items to decorate our houses with!

Do you LOVE this pack as much as we do? Comment below!

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