Primeval Hoard Pack Opening and Review

A new dino-themed pack has entered the Crown Shop! This pack is influenced by the most dino-themed world, Azteca! After checking out the pack for the first time and spending 15,000 crowns on opening some, here is a look into what the pack has to offer!

What’s in the pack?

  • 3 New Dino-Themed Mounts
  • 3 New Dino-Themed Pets
  • 3 New Gear Sets
  • Scarab and Fire Elf Spellements
  • LOTS of Aztecan Housing Items
  • Snacks, Treasure Cards and Reagents

The Mounts

3 New mounts can be found in this pack!

From Left to Right: The Chompy Bronto, the Stompy Bronto, and the Trompy Bronto!

The Pets

3 New Pets can be found in this pack!

From Left to Right: The Scaly Frillasaur, the Scratchy Frillasaur, and the Snappy Frillasaur!

The Gear

As for the appearance of the gear,  won’t feel any less than a prehistoric conqueror! The overall look and design of the gear is highly detailed, fits the theme well and is overall unique! The value of the gear in terms of stats can be good, depending on what type of stats you are going for that is. There are definitely some relatively good stat gear pieces in this pack, such as one of the better fire wands in the game.

(note that gear presented is level 130 and selective, there are other pieces of gear with different stats/levels in this pack that were not obtained in this specific opening or shown here)

Final Review

This pack definitely brought some good looking gear, mounts and pets to the game. That feeling of conquest you get just by simply trying on the gear for the first time? A unique style not yet seen in game! This pack wasn’t a huge surprise though, the Chompy Bronto mount as well as the pack itself was first teased in the Fall 2020 Scroll of Fortune earlier this season, and pets obtained from the Scroll’s pack have been seen appearing more and more in the game as hatching quickly grew on these adorable chompers. The mounts were (and still are) highly desired, as the different variants work well with your wizard’s look. The highly detailed textures of the mounts, gear and pet all together make this pack a source of awesome ferocious items! While the textures of the equip-able items look amazing, there are still a few things to note. Throughout the 15,000 crown opening of this pack, I received most of the gear available for my level (and some pieces more than once) fairly often compared to my previous pack opening history (can’t complain about that!). Some pieces of gear however, don’t exactly make the top tier of the best gear you can get. The wands compare pretty good to ones already in the game, and many max level players are adding them into their usual gear sets. The robes don’t offer much stat wise when compared to Krok, Rattle, Malistaire, or other currently farmed/sought after robes. As for the hats and boots, they can be debatable on whether or not they make your desired gear set complete, depending on what stats you are looking for. They seem to come with a fair bit of health, damage and critical, but I noticed that they tend to lack resist, which is one of the few noticeable stats on the robes, aside from the massive health also given from the robes. I obtained multiple of each pet variant (again, can’t complain about how good the drops were for me here either). Sadly however, I did not obtain a permanent mount of any variant, but a dozen temporaries. There are a LOT and I mean, a LOT of housing items included in this pack, so for all those decorators out there who truly enjoy the prehistoric theme and want a shot for some new gear, pets and mounts, this pack is definitely for you! Spellements drop in random amounts, so their isn’t much to say on that. I’m about half way to spell writing the next tier for Scarab and a little less for my Fire Elf.  Overall though, I do say that this pack is definitely a pack you may want to go for if you love anything dino related and are interested in the stats!