Navigating the Newest Beastmoon Hunt Map

Beastmoon Hunt has arrived once more and this time, it has a brand-new map that all players can play on!

HELP! This map is confusing!

Although upon further inspection, you may notice that this new map may be a bit difficult to navigate compared to the old one. This new map is full of hidden corners and twisting pathways that can make you feel like you’re going through a maze!

But fear not! There is in fact an easy way to get around this new Beastmoon map without feeling lost!

If you pay close attention as you go around, you may notice some symbols painted on some of the walls with arrows pointing in a direction. The arrows next to these symbols are actually signs that are leading you to their corresponding capture rings! So, for example, if you see an eye symbol on a wall, then the arrow next to that symbol is leading you towards the capture ring that has the eye symbol on it!

Just follow the path along the direction that the arrows and their corresponding symbols are pointing to and you’ll eventually find the capture ring!

Watch for hidden corners!

Be sure to watch very closely for any hidden paths and corners in your surroundings when playing in this new map! There may be a hidden chest or portal that you may find!

Use your mouse to help you look around!

Throughout the map, there are paths and even ramps that can lead you up to higher ground in an instant! These may be out of your view so you may have to look up and behind yourself as you are navigating this Beastmoon map! Use your mouse to help you look around and look up!

When in doubt, take a buddy with you!

If you or a partner feel as if you are not sure where to go or what to do (or if either of you are just new to Beastmoon Hunt), then offer to go around with one of your teammates as a partner. You both can always communicate with each other and you’ll both always have each other’s assistance if either of you get into battle with the opposing team!

I hope this article helps you all with navigating the new map! Have fun playing in The Beastmoon Hunt!

Article created by: Emma Spiritcaller

Pictures by: Isaiah Hexrider