In decorating, house guests for me are a MUST. Houseguests, whether from packs, or from monstrology are a great way of adding detail and activity to your house. In this post ill be going through my top 10 must have houseguests to include in houses.

Number 10: The updated Wizard City lost soul

It’s our easiest battle, the updated Wizard City lost soul looks so much more detailed and refined. This house guest is great for your house because it adds an ominous and creepy feel to it. The lost soul doesn’t have much going for it. However, the question I always ask myself is, how did the soul get lost? I often wonder if the lost souls got lost finding a sale at Sephora and never coming out on their way to heaven. Or simply just getting lost finding their way home. The monstrology tome description is: ” A disparate collection of restless spirits adrift for who knows how long. Alas, if only they hadn’t died before GPS was invented.” I love this guest because I can add it to represent the people who once lived. This is a great way to make your house feel old and haunted. In the picture shown below, I made them the guests at this wedding.

Number 9: Blue Bart

He’s a bit camera shy for sure, Blue Bart is one of the biggest (tummy wise) house guests you’ll find under the sea. Blue Bart obviously didn’t do a good job on maintaining his girlish figure. Some might perceive him to be creepy looking, however, legend says he actually has a big heart. One day Blue Bart wanted to get away from home for a vacation (because who doesn’t). While he was on his voyage, unfortunately,  he sunk to the bottom once he got on his boat. His monstrology tome excerpt says: “Due to a steady diet of fatty starfish, Blue Bart’s middle has more than a little jiggle.” Blue Bart is a super unique house guest and you can make him the boss of all of your pirate henchmen. Don’t let his middle fool you because Blue Bart runs the house.

Number 8: Wraith

Let me start out by saying I love the model of the wraith. I often use Wraiths as my guardians to bridges or gateways of souls. Wraiths are perfect for this role as they are living people made undead, however, have not crossed into the undead world. With this being said, Wraiths also can also add a mystery.  A bigger presence can be added to solve the mystery of which upper being was cruel enough to turn the living person undead, and not let it cross through. The Wraith is so creepy and has a unique look. I made the Wraith full size to show off how under the hood is a set of lifeless and vibrant yellow eyes that can be said to stare into your soul. Also under the Wraiths garments is nothing but bone. To complete the look, the Wraiths have staffs and sets of wings that make them scary and angelic. Be on your guard on your adventures when you encounter such a creature.

Number 7: Tangleroot

Nothing is as vacation in paradise than this house guest.  I love this house guest because its so unique and has a slight cartoonish look. Not to mention this guest gives an incredible tropical feel to your house. I often pair him up with his lesser minions the Junglethorns. His monstrology description is: ” Mind your footing, don’t want to get tangled in these roots.” I used Tangleroot and his minions in my island getaway. While in the beginning of the house was vacation in paradise, I used him and his minions to make a whole village. I of course set Tangleroot to be the ruler, and even made him a throne with rotating tiki heads to show his vast power and discolored presence. Tangleroot treats his minions very well, as in the picture shown below this minion has an entire mansion. He also has livestock to feed the entire village. Make sure to include this type of house guest if your theme is a warm and inviting tropical paradise.

Number 6: Queen Calypso

Queen Calypso is truly the queen of the seas. Calypso, through her appearance, is a mix of it seems part mermaid and part ship. You can see evidence of this as her upper body is bound to a helm, and she has an anchor under her. We all know Queen Calypso commands great power as we can see her in the storms spell. This is one spirit I would not want to be trapped in a dark alley with. I used her beauty and unique appearance to be the commander of my ship. She even has her own crew of undead pirates. I also used mimic pets on her ship to trick tourists into thinking they are actual chests. This relates to her history, as she was the captain of the pirates also in crustacean empire. “Calypso” in mythology was a siren, a siren is actually a scary creature indeed. Sirens would lure sailors and pirates from their ships by their captivating singing voices. Some evil sirens would make them turn in their treasure and make them a part of their crew forever. This is what I had in mind when using Queen Calypso at my house. I have a crew of 5 pirates that she has entranced by her singing and made them turn in their treasure and be a part of her crew. Her monstrology description is: ” She doesn’t mind being trapped in the helm of an old decimated ship. She believes her position means she’s queen of the spiral.”

Number 5: Atlach-Leng

I apologize to everyone out there who is afraid of spiders (like me). Arachniphobia is a very common and this NPC isn’t helping. This seems like a creature directly from your nightmares. His monstrology description is: “Ancient, undead and super creepy. Their name roughly translates to Nightmare Fuel.” This spirit has been around for many many years, and he has a texture that resembles the astral unicorn. I vividly remember this quest, and this spirit is very powerful. He could smell your wizard from a mile away. In my death house, I made him giant, he has even already trapped an unlucky tourist passing through. Be on your guard, and bring your bug spray!

Number 4: Field Guard

The Field Guard is a relatively simple creature, however, the possibilities you can do with the Field Guard are endless. The Field Guard has something off and creepy about it, as its face permanently glows and doesn’t blink. Scarecrows really aren’t the best for scaring away the pesky birds, as this is only a temporary solution. The pesky birds will just get used to the scarecrows, this is my theory as to why there is always a crow on the Field Guard. Field Guards are most likely evil because they have to stand and guard a field all day, can you imagine? Now let’s talk about how the scarecrow is living. A scarecrow is usually an inanimate object, nonetheless, through possession from a demonic presence has become alive. The demon is able to manifest its movement and see through the object. I often have empathy for this creature, because guarding a field can be so lonely. In the picture above I put many Field Guards to keep each other company. In the pictures below, are the truly evil Field Guards, as it is forbidden for a scarecrow to leave its post. These specific scarecrows may want to scare people because of their own loneliness. The Field Guard makes for an excellent guard to your crops, as well as a house guest to other attractions.

Number 3: Detolli The Destroyer

“Prevent forest fires? No, they create them!” Detolli is a super cool house guest, he’s an extremely powerful fiery wizard. He has a wizard’s robe on as well as a magic wand. Not to mention, he also has access to magical charms like his block he occasional floats on his hand. It can be a bit tough to come up with ideas for Detolli, however, I used him as my bartender for my fire house (since he’s the only one qualified to handle the heat). In the image shown below, a very creative friend of mine used him in his circus as a fire magician.

Number 2: Loremaster

Loremaster is a tough as she is in her chance of dropping a spell. She gives an intimidating presence and has an appearance that looks like she has a lot of knowledge on books and spells. I made her the librarian because she’s just the perfect candidate, however, she could be even more perfect if she could drop me a lore spell. Unlike most bosses, loremaster only requires 20 animus to make into a houseguest.

Number 1: Elana Darksun

As this concludes, Elana Darksun is my favorite. She has such an ominous and textured appearance. Elana’s appearance portrays she’s greatly lost to the shadows. Throughout houses in the spiral, she’s often used as a fortune teller. Elana also seems very powerful, holding a staff with floating crystals. Elana is definitely one I would not want to find at midnight in a dark alleyway.

That concludes my list for my top 10 favorite houseguests, let me know yours in the comments below. Have a great day!