Often when we are questing around the spiral we are usually very busy following our quest directions or thinking about how to defeat the next boss that we forget to take in a world’s beautiful surroundings. I don’t know about you, but whenever I enter a new area or world I instantly look up into the heavens to see the unique skybox that the area has to offer. Well, wizard, if you haven’t done that before you needn’t worry, because I have collected all of my favorite sky’s and put them right into this blog post! So, stargazers and cloud catchers unite- it’s time to look up!

Wizard City – The Commons

The skies of The Commons have recently cleared as everything old became new again! The usual pastel colors of pink, purple and blue still remain but with more clarity and certainly more clouds. You might even spot a few strikes of lightning if you’re lucky.

Special Mention – Nightside

Another new addition to the Wizard City skies is that of Nightside! I usually go up to high places to get a good view of the sky, but this sunken city has plenty to offer. I especially like the ravens flying in the wind above – it’s eerie, creepy and you just know there’s something up there waiting to get you.

Krokotopia – The Oasis

Considering that this is now the oldest sky in the Spiral after Wizard City’s revamp, there is something charming about the skies of Krokotopia. They’re crystal clear blue with some light fluffy clouds, which whilst not exactly captivating, suit the rest of Krokotopia’s surroundings.

Special Mention – Upper Zigzag

The Upper Zigzag is an area of Krokotopia open to Wizards level 60 and above. Although most prefer the deep seas of Waterworks, the Upper Zigzag offers a unique and stunning sky with a huge full moon.

Marleybone – Regent’s Square

Whilst all the skies of Marleybone are the same, they are the first skies we encounter that offer a night time perspective. Whilst the stars are quite cartoony, they are still charming as they glow – and you can’t beat spotting the odd hot air balloon or two!

Mooshu – Jade Palace

Much like the skies of Krokotopia, the Mooshu sky is quite plain however it adds to the calm and serene atmosphere of the area.

Special Mention – Kembaalung Village

Okay, so it’s debatable whether or not Kembaalung Village is in Krokotopia or in Mooshu but Krokotopia has the stunning Upper Zigzag sky so we will let Mooshu have this one. As you can see, I had to climb the Hollow Mountain to obtain this photograph, but it is well worth it! You can see all of the mountains of Mooshu from up here, and the picture doesn’t do it justice, so you must go and see it for yourself!

Dragonspyre – The Basilica

When you first arrive in Dragonspyre you instantly notice the sky – how can you not? It’s nothing like we have ever experienced before. There’s something deeply evil about it and I think I it would be suitable to call it a ‘blood red’ sky. But once you really look into it, you appreciate it’s uniqueness and ominous presence all at once. You could be in Middle Earth’s ‘Mordor’, but no, you are in Dragonspyre.

Grizzleim / Wintertusk

Surprisingly Grizzleheim and Wintertusk share the same skies, well they are of the same world after all. Back are the stars of Marleybone, but this time dawn hasn’t broken and the clouds still sweep through the air. It’s truly magical.

Celestia – The Floating Land / Wysteria

Being an underwater world and all that, it is slightly difficult to find a sky in Celestia. So I ventured out onto the Floating Lands to take a picture on the beach. I love this clear blue sky and the clouds are probably the most realistic we have seen so far. And did you know that Wysteria and Caliburn in Avalon have the same sky? Maybe they’re connected in some way.

Zafaria – Savannah 

Once you enter Zafaria you can’t help but noticed the bright orange sky. Zafaria appears to be in constant sunset, and it definitely is one of those skies that has a huge impact on the feel of the world. My favorite spot is in the Savannah where you can actually see the sun setting. Stunning!

Avalon – The Wyrd

The reason I chose to showcase the skies of The Wyrd in Avalon is because of it’s uniqueness. The light leaking through the grey clouds gives off colors of blue which adds to the sense of danger and mystery to the area.

Azteca – Three Points

Unfortunately the Azteca skies are filled with the ash of Xibalba but you get the most amazing view at the top of the Black Sun Pyramid. Look at that array of color!

Khrysalis – Moon Cliffs / Tyrian Gorge

We all know Khrysalis for it’s deep green skies filled with darkness and shadow, it has the same feel to it as Dragonspyre first did. However today I want to share my personal favorite skies that cover the world of Khrysalis – Moon Cliffs and Tyrian Gorge. It’s where I feel the skies of the Spiral really start to create the worlds for themselves.

Polaris – River of Frozen Tears

I am sure you’ll agree that Polaris offers some of the most beautiful areas in the Spiral and the skies of Polaris are no different! Ethereal and magical they take you straight to the North Pole and make you feel as though you are under the Northern Lights!

Mirage – Caravan / Eerem Palace

Mirage may be a place of shifting sands and shifting allegiances, but it is also a place of shifting skies too! From the Caravan where the hot Arabian sun beams down onto the sand, to the dark and mysterious skies of Eerem Palace in Mirage truly has it all.

Empyrea – Aerial Shores / Zanadu

Finally Empyrea – a world we are yet to fully understand, and the same can be said for its skies. Filled with smoke and gas and animated with storms these skies offer us something different that we have not encountered before, which makes them so breath taking.

Let us know what your favorite sky is in the Spiral by leaving a comment below!