Angel PvP is a very complex strategy that has changed over the years. Many people have said things like,”Oh angel PvP isn’t even real its all just fake PvP,” Let me just tell you that is a false statement, angel PvP is just as real as any other strategy in PvP. In this guide you will find all the information you will need to be the best Angel you can be in PvP. I hope you enjoy this guide and get a lot out of it.

For credibility, here is my rank from third and fourth age PvP.


Here is the spell deck I use in my matches.

Below is how to counter each school when Life Jading and why I recommend using beguile:

Beguile: This is a 3 pip death spell that you cast on the opponent. If you are second and you use beguile on the opponent then you have 2 rounds where the opponent cannot hit you. Unfortunately, the opponent is capable of doing damage on the second turn after beguile if they use an AOE spell. Spells like meteor, lulu, raging bull, deer knight, frog…etc. So always be careful. Now if you are first and you use beguile on the opponent. You only get one round where the opponent cannot hit you. This spell is extremely op if you use it right. You can buy it from the bazaar.

And here is the gear you should use

Jade hat is probably the best and only hat that you should use when doing the angel strategy, so this is a must have items.

You can use this Wysteria robe but if you don't have it jade robe will do very well too.

Jade boots work very well but also the rockstar kicks will work just as well.

Jade wand will work fine but if you want to have maximum stats for angel you should get the Mandolin of Evermore which is from the dragon hoard's pack.

Cosmic Kris is another one of those must haves for angel PvP

The highest tier for the Rasputin amulet is the best amulet to use for angel and regular pvp

This craftable fire resist ring from Khrysalis is the best ring to use, people may ask,"Why fire? Why not balance?" The answer is simple: fire is the hardest school for an angel to beat, and more commonly seen in the arena

Pets are not always perfect, so your pet will at the very least need spell-proof, charm-chomper (may cast enfeeble), and fearless fortifier (may cast fortify). Proof because you need lots of resist for being angel, enfeeble for the blade stackers that can kill a jade easily through multiple shields, and fortify so you don't have to pack it in your deck. Another thing people ask is,"Can't balances use super nova and kill your aura?" Again the answer is simple: your pet can spam fortify but balances will have a hard time spamming super nova. The other talents on the pet I would suggest being wards or defy or even may cast fairy.

This is again a must have for an angel, it gives two cloak and reshuffle which help make your spell deck much more flexible.

The key point to staying alive is to always have a way counter shrike. If you can consistently counter shrike you will be fine. Usually on the first hit, hitters use is a set up for the next hit. It wont be a spell that is meant to kill you unless they know they can one shot you or do mass damage.


Here are the school specific strategies.

- Fire is the hardest school to defend from first or second. Instead of blades, they have traps which makes it extremely hard to defend. The most important thing you need to do is to always make sure you have 2 stack shields on you when they shrike. If the fire is good, he or she won't shrike if you have more than one shield because it messes up ramp for them.
- If you aren't a beguile user than you gonna have a hard defending once they shrike. Even if you counter their ramp by using triage. You are most likely dead next if they have bubble control or traps on you.
- If a fire summons a minion that's a good thing. A smart fire won't summon a minion because they know they can't use traps. The minion spams link and fire elf which uses up their traps.
But don't let them keep the minion because it is useful for removing shields and can cast -45% accuracy spell.
- If the fire knows you can counter his or hers ramp then they will probably use Krampus. If they got traps on you while in shrike then it's all about if you fizzle or not.

- Ice is a very easy and smooth school to pvp while doing angel. They need blades to kill, so all of you have to do is counter that. That's why a pet with enfeeble is needed. Having a 2 or 3 earthquake/aftershock in TC is good but it won't be enough because ice usually carry max blades.
- When the ice gets 2 blades or more, summon a minion then tower shield it. They will either let it be or decide to kill it with wands or the moon spells. Also when the ice gets those 2 blades or more use an ice set shield. This forces them to use the overtime spell called frostbite or summon minion to remove the shields. Spamming minions is what an ice would do once it gets it's blade needed to kill. Be prepared to kill a minion at any time. So keep your minion killing spells in hand. But as long as you're keeping them from blading too much then you are good

- If you saw my deck in the pictures posted, you will see that I don't carry any volcanic shields or storm shields. Why? Because once you get pass commander there aren't any storms who do 1v1 PvP. But I never did carry volcanic shields or storm shields because it wasn't needed.
- You will always need some type of defense every single turn while facing a storm. If you don't have a shield in hand, use a weakness. If you have neither, make sure you have bubble control at least, so you can mass heal if they do hit.
- When a storm uses shrike that's when things have gotten exciting. I don't carry storm dispels but if you do use it when they shrike. If you cannot, use shield or beguile or if you have bubble control use a heal but it's always best to heal on the second turn of their shrike. But like said above, they will probably use a bubble or a storm beetle for blade. Make sure you counter it the best way you can.
- Now if you are first, killing a storm with dark nova isn't hard. One dark nova should be enough for them. If you don't kill them, well you will go through a mass spam of hits until they run out of cards or flee.

- Balance isn't that hard to defend while doing angel pvp. If you're health is above 6k then you are good when they shrike. But do not depend on your health alone because they can kill still if you fizzle when they lore. That's the main spell a balance uses.
- It's easy to have bubble control when facing a balance. But this sometimes forces you to discard the bubbles in your hand so that you may receive the cards that you really need because a balance will not start a bubble war. Just make sure you always have a bubble or 2 in hand in case they shrike and gaze.
- When they shrike it's always some type of combo with gaze and lore. The lore is used to make you fiz hopefully. As for Gaze, it's used for bubble. I would recommend attempting a shield or balance dispel on their first round of shrike then healing on their third round.
- The balance could also summon a minion. The mander minion is easy to kill but the clockwork minion is a bit tough. These minions are used for blades and mantles.

- Life is another difficult school to face when doing life jade. You must always have 2 shields or more on you in case they shrike.
- The 2 major spells a life hitter would use against a life jade would be gnomes and spiny. The rank 9 and 10 spells for life. Both of these spells are dangerous if you don't have 2 or more shields on you. Especially gnomes because of the 2 life dispels it casts. When they do shrike, I wouldn't recommend using a life spell if they have enough pips for gnomes. I would recommend using beguile. Then afterwards remove the 2 life dispels then heal but make sure you have a shield on you first.
- Life hitters will use many blades so be sure when they have a dangerous amount of them you take them off with may cast enfeeble from pet or worst case scenario earthquake/aftershock from TC.
- It'll probably take awhile to kill a life when jading because they can heal like you but less.

- Myth is an underrated school. It's pretty much on the same difficulty level as fire against jades maybe harder. It's just that myth has so many options for killing. This school blades more than any of the other schools and has the most useful minions.
- Make sure that you have at least 4 stun blocks on you because the myth would probably stun you until you have no stun blocks left. You cannot let them use medusa in shrike. That's basically game over. That's why having many stun blocks on you is important.
- Orthrus is also another spell a myth can use to kill if they have enough blades. This spell only works if you don't have 2 of the same shields on you. That's what I mean by having 2 shields on you.
- Myth King Art is an over time spell. Counter it, is difficult if the myth has more than 3 blades. If you use triage you'll die on the next hit. That's why I use beguile.
- Also a myth can spam minions to remove your shields. You have to kill those minions at the right time. Don't endanger yourself while doing it.

- Death hitter should be an easy to life jade against as long as you get rid of their blades and if they don't have lots of dooms in their decks that they can spam against you. That would be a problem.
- While stacking blades, the death could summon a minion using all of his or hers pips. The highest ranked minion has 1400 health which makes it difficult to kill once they start shielding. Your goal is kill that minion while protecting yourself. So I would recommend using nova on the minion then use beguile on the person because they would most likely use shrike once they see you have used nova.
- It's all about countering the blades really


Thank you everyone for reading this guide, good luck on your matches!