Introduction to Scroll of Fortunes

In Wizard101, there are thousands of items to have in your wizardry adventure. From Hats and boots to wands and pets, elixirs and housing items, you won’t want to miss any opportunity to easily get something. And receiving rewards by playing the game and doing things you were already planning on doing? An added bonus!

Beginning in 2019, Wizard101 introduced the Scroll of Fortune, a seasonal rewards system for completing tasks in the game. By doing every day tasks that were already on your wizardry agenda and by playing through various events, you can earn points, a new reward progression counter. Points allow you to make progress through the Scroll of Fortune, allowing you to unlock various rewards as you play the game. Every three months (change of the season), the Scroll of Fortune will change to the next seasonal theme, so you won’t want to miss out on the many items, emotes and more that you can get from it!

The Scroll of Fortune:

The Scroll of Fortune can be accessed by clicking on the Gamma icon (event button) in the upper right corner of your screen.  From there, you are not only able to view the Scroll of Fortune, but also the events that you can play to earn points for the Scroll. The events alternate every week, so there is always something to do to earn points. By clicking on the “Scroll of Fortune” box, you are presented with your progress on the current Scroll of Fortune.

How to Read It: 

  • Total Points: The total points you have can be found near the upper left corner
  • Needed Points: Points needed to unlock the next reward are found to the right of your total points
  • Progress Bar: Bar beneath reward icons that display your progress in the Scroll of Fotune
  • Time Left Until The Scroll Ends and A New Scroll Starts with New Rewards: Time Left (In days) to the right of your needed points
  • Featured Rewards Bar: Located at the top, just shows some rewards you may like that can be found in the Scroll of Fortune
  • Reward Icon: Images that display a certain reward and the needed points when you click on them (Seeds, Reagents, Elixirs, etc.)
  • Tier: Row of rewards that has a certain gap in points needed to unlock the next reward
  • Left/Right Arrows: Changes the page of the Scroll of Fortune you are viewing, located at the bottom of the screen
  • Double Back Arrow: Returns to the event page, located to the left of the “Buy Scroll of Fortune” button
  • Buy Scroll of Fortune: Click there to purchase the complete Scroll of Fortune to gain access to the ability to unlock all rewards for 15,000 crowns (7,500 if you have a membership) located in the bottom left corner

How Does It Work:

By earning points, you are able to fill your Scroll progress bar and reach rewards:

There are a total of nine tiers, separated into three pages, with each tier having larger point gaps between rewards than the tier before it. The Scroll of Fortune is divided into two separate reward functions:

Free to Play Rewards and Locked Scroll Rewards (neither require membership)

Free to Play Rewards can be achieved without spending any crowns. Locked Scroll Rewards appear in a red box with a lock symbol on it and require that you purchase the complete Scroll of Fortune for 15,000 crowns, or only 7,500 crowns if you have a membership by clicking on “Buy Scroll of Fortune” at the bottom the progress menu. You are also able to click on reward icons to view them to decide if you want to try to reach them. *Note that points will always count for locked rewards as well, so even if you don’t purchase the complete Scroll before reaching them, you can still receive them whenever you purchase the complete Scroll after reaching them. Also, any unlocked prizes must be clicked on (check marked) before the end of the Scroll time period to ensure that you claim all of your hard-earned unlocked rewards.

How to Earn Points:  

Points are earned by completing tasks that are part of an active event, and on top of earning points for the Scroll of Fortune, points can also gain you rewards for the event they’re in.

Current Events:

  • Spiral Showcase: Standard tasks such as helping in Team-up, Pet Training, Crafting and Fishing
  • Pet Promenade: Pet themed tasks such as Pet Training, Hatching, and Filling Happiness
  • Deckathalon: Tower events that challenge wizards to use set gear and treasure cards to reach the top floor
  • Beastmoon Hunt: Transform into various monsters and battle with altered spells in different worlds as you try to claim spots on the map from enemy players

The events usually change every 7 days and sometimes overlap, so there is never a shortage of opportunities to gain points. Rewards are also available from the events themselves, so more rewards aside from the Scroll of Fortune!

Why You Should Buy The Scroll of Fortune:

The Scroll of Fortune provides the ability to earn rewards as you play through the game, including:

  • Standard + Member Benefit Elixirs
  • Unique Clothing, Items and Wands
  • Crown Shop Packs
  • Reagents
  • Spellements
  • Beastmoon Resources
  • Deckathalon Resources
  • Emotes
  • Teleport Effects
  • Exclusive Scroll Portrait of Completion Housing Item
  • Temporary Mounts
  • Possible Secret Rewards

Here are some of the Current Rewards (Summer Scroll 2020)

  • 3 One Hour Double Gardening Elixirs
  • Summer Heat Emote
  • 3 Amber
  • Summer Scroll of Fortune Portrait
  • Sandcastle Teleport Effect
  • July Fireworks Housing Item

and much more!

Review Video on The Summer Scroll of Fortune 2020