What the magic computer can do for your house

The magic computer is a complex and mysterious item. The biggest purpose I have found for the magic computer is a way for tourists in your house to solve puzzles. The magic computer gives tourists in your house an intensive interactive experience. The players will have to add certain signals to make the effect happen. In this intuitive guide ill be going through how to use the magic computer, and how to use it properly.

As usual with any castle magic skill, you’ll need to purchase the magic computer from Babbage Basset, located in Reagent’s Square, Marleybone. You’ll find him right in front of the royal museum.

Here is what the magic computer looks like.

In the example ill be going through, I will use the when Signal 1 AND 2 section in the magic computer. This is only 1 out of the 6 sections in the magic computer. For this skill you’ll need the following:

-2 magic levers

– The spells Add Signal 1 and Add Signal 2 (Which can be bought from Babbage Basset)

Now that we have our supplies, put Add Signal 1 into one of the levers, and using the button on the bottom right, select the magic computer.

Do the same, however, on the other lever put Add Signal 2 in, and select the same magic computer

Now in the magic computer go into the When Signal 1 and 2 are activated and place a spell in there, in this case, I’m using an activate reflector one to make the walls open. However, you can really use anything, such as imp attacks. When tourists visit your house they will have to press both levers down to get the effect to happen. In this picture shown when I pressed down on both of the levers, it made the walls open.

That is the basic knowledge of the magic computer, some of the other sections are:

-When NOT Signal 1 AND 2 Cast Spell: For this section, from Babbage Basset you can buy the castle magic spells Remove Signal 1 and Remove Signal 2 and when both of these spells are  present the effect will happen. You’ll have to use both of those spells on the magic computer for this section to work.

– When Signal 1 XOR Signal  2: For this section, you could either just use one of the toggle spells and it will make the effect happen. These toggle spells can also be purchased from Babbage Basset/

-When NOT Signal 1 Cast Spell: For this section, you could either just use the spell Add Signal 2 (because it’s not signal 1) Or If Signal 1 was already added, you could use the remove Signal 1 castle magic spell to make the effect work.

That concludes my summary for the magic computer, I hope you guys were able to follow this guide and hopefully more understand the complexities of the magic computer. Once you figure out the magic computer, the possibilities are endless! Remember I only used levers in the example but you could use anything to make the magic computer work.

Have fun decorating, wizards! Comment down below if you have any questions for me, have a great day!