Hi there guys, today I’m going to show how you how I inspire my ideas for decorating. To start, castle magic and all of the items in wizard101 make a vast majority of ideas able to do. Have you ever been somewhere in real life on your travels or daily life that has inspired you with its vivid scenery?  For example, one day I was traveling through China Town in San Francisco. This was an excellent trip because I was able to get a small taste of Chinese culture and how stunning the unique styled-buildings were. Walking through the beautiful streets, I was in awe of how beautiful the brightly-colored paper lanterns were. The first thing I remember entering was this giant gate with ancient foo dog statues. In this example here, I incorporated the imagery of the foo dogs and gate. Also, the inspiration of the Chinese-style buildings contained with paper lanterns.

Another thing on this trip that stood out to me was how gorgeous the mini gardens were. They had these little garden beds on the street that were full of color, along with trees which paper lanterns hung.

Also, the fountains there were so pretty! They inspired me to do a central one in my red barn farm.

This is how I get some of my ideas for castle decorating! Don’t focus on being perfect when decorating just focus on being fun and creative, use things from real life or movies to help your creativity flow!