Hello fellow Glitchers and Glichy New-landers, I am posting about the most common known game glitches for housing related things (i.e. inside the housing environment, not in the normal game area) in the hopes that someone will find it interesting or helpful. To start there are a lot of categories of glitches. Kingsisle neither supports nor condones the use of glitches. They will not help you fix anything that goes missing or happens when glitching. Stay away from cheat engine type things those can get your account into trouble. Other glitches are usable and are left in game because people liked them for house decorating and/or stacking their plants, but KI will not fix things that go wrong. (Please note that while KI officially has said that stacking plants isn’t ban-able, they will not help you recover any lost seeds that go missing on a stack, which does occasionally happen). So with in this ‘legal’ section of glitches are several sub categories that I will go into. The first are ones I like to call “Just for fun”, they have little purpose other than being weird and fun to mess around with. The second are for “House Decorating” which involves putting items where they don’t normally go, such as a tree in the middle of the air. The third section are ones i just refer to as “Other” these include ones that have a purpose but are not decorating per say, such as floating castle blocks.

Also please note that different houses have different “bounding walls” depending on what house your in will depend on some of how things work. for instance if you want to sink a tree into the ground for some reason (FYI its cool try it) in some houses you will have to go up quite a ways before you will be able to get over “the wall” it is big in the empyrean  house because of its large cliffs, and it practically doesn’t exist in the celestial observatory house. If you have a question about the house your working in feel free to send me a tweet/DM on Twitter @sarahskystrider.

Just For Fun

Rug Float

This is the glitch that first got me interested in housing glitches long ago. It makes a mat float in midair, and when chains of them are put together people call them mat courses. (Note: these to occasionally glitch up when being used, you can use the move and then cancel buttons to test it before you using the pick up small blue trim mat)

First of materials needed for this glitch are a small blue trim rug(tatami, and some others can also be uses, small blue trim can be easily found in the shopping district though), 2 wooden creates(dark wood, jellybeans, or hot dogs work best) and a larger mat which is the one that will be floating. long blue runners are a good one to learn this glitch with.

  • Step 1: put all your materials out in front of you.
  • 2: put the large mat and the small one so that they barley touch each other.
  • 3: put your two boxes together next to each other. (note reinforced creates will not work for this)
  • 4: move the small blue trim rug on top of the boxes, if connected right the other mat will follow also.
  • 5: move the back box backwards so that the small blue trim rug is touching both of the creates but not the other rug.
  • 6: pick up the small blue trim rug. (you can use the move function to test and make sure just the boxes move, before you pick it up.
  • 7: large mat should be the only thing floating, Congrats!
  • 8: if you feel like it this glitch can be repeated using the boxes off of the mat to make multiple mats into a staircase upward.

Glitching a mat up higher, (note if you go above 2 box height visitors wont be able to go up to it.)

  • 1: put out 4 boxes, and you will need 2 small blue trim mats, with one large one.
  • 2: put 2 boxes next to each other, then put a small blue trim on top of them.
  • 3: put 2 more boxes on top of the small rug
  • 4: connect the 2nd small blue trim rug, and the large one barely on the edges
  • 5: move the small blue rug (with the large connected) on the of the boxes
  • 6: move the lower back box wackwards so that the small blue trim is touching the boxes but no longer the large rug.
  • 7: pick up the small blue trim rugs. (top first, and can use move function to test it)
  • Note: if you only use one small blue trim rug, the large mat will stay attached to the lower box.

Fly Glitch

The fly glitch is a lot of fun if you have people over at your house. On your screen it looks like you walking on a mat that you are moving, but on other visitors in the house’s screens, it appears as if your walking on air.

Materials for this glitch are simple, you only need 2 mats, i tend to use a big one like a large watcher rug and a small blue trim rug, but others will also work.

  • 1. put out both rugs on the ground in front of you. (Note you need to set the small one down before doing this glitch or it becomes the float glitch (see house decorating glitches) they are similar but have a few key differences.
  • 2. move the small mat so that your mouse is holding it above the big mat. (Hover, don’t set the small mat down)
  • 3. spin the middle of your mouse or the roller button. (its possible to do this glitch with a touchpad but a mouse is a lot easier)
  • 4. the larger mat will spin below the small one if done correctly.
  • 5. move the small rug to the sky in the house, the big mat will automatically follow it.
  • 6. your character is able to walk on the mat, giving the illusion that you are ‘flying’ to your friends.
  • Note: this glitch works because the game thinks the big rug is still on the ground giving your character the ability to walk on it, careful not to fall off!

(Note: this glitch is very similar to float glitch in steps, see house decorating section)

The Power of Invisibility!

I hope you all brought your cloaks of invisibility for this glitch, it takes quite a bit of time to master, but is a lot of fun. First off don’t expect to get it your first try, or even your tenth try, this glitch isn’t for the feint of heart. It also depends on WiFi strength to some extent, and varies in timing, it is often pure luck based. One the bright side though all you need for this glitch is a teleporter, and some gold for a transformation! and of course the try try again and then again attitude.

So lets walk through the steps of how this glitch works, it is one of the most frustrating ones because sometimes it works great and others days you will debate throwing the teleporter out the window.

Note there are 2 different direction lists, one is for your character, one is if your trying to make a friend disappear in the house also.

  • Self invisibility
  • 1. Put a teleport location in and then set down the portal. (location doesn’t matter)
  • 2. Walk into the portal
  • 3. Pick up the portal right when your character disappears. (if you stay in the same location you picked it up to early, if you end up in the other location you picked it up to late) (remember this glitch depends on signal strength and a lot of other factors so don’t get mad if it doesn’t work the first 100 times, and if your on the 100th try maybe try seeing my Youtube video on it for exact instructions.
  • 4. If you managed to hit it at just the right time, congrats! Your character will now be invisible for about 1-3 minutes, which also varies.
  • 5. You might be like cool i’m invisible, but why did you mention transformations earlier? Good question!
    • using a transformation will alter the glitch some. you may notice without a transformation if you put a mount on your character will appear to be riding an invisible mount, if you dismount you will become your pet.
    • If you put on a transformation from the crown shop, gold pricing is available, you can alter the glitch so that you become your mount instead of riding an invisible one, this means just the mount, with no rider.
  • Friend Invisibility
  • 1. So you want to make your friend invisible? Cool! Ask their permission first.
  • 2. Place the teleporter on top of them then pick it up right when they disappear, note this is very glitchy because of diffing signal strengths, so it could take several tries.
  • 3. Same rules apply for transformations.
  • Also note: houses have ‘dead spots’ places where you cannot set items down, if your friend is standing on one you won’t be able to place a portal on them.

Have fun, and good luck!

House Decorating

Float Glitch

(very similar in steps to fly glitch, see above just for fun glitches)

This glitch can be used to put items almost anywhere! (its also can be used in combo with the downward glitch, under other glitches, or wall away to move the height of wall hangings) It is a great glitch for decorating those hard to reach areas, and by far the glitch i use the most often.

Materials needed for this glitch are a large rug and a small one (I usually use a knotted rug and a small blue trim one) and if you plan to move something downward i’d bring a scaffolding. (downward is explained more later on)

  • 1. place your large mat on the ground. (Note: your small rug must not be set down on the ground at all for this, keep it in your inventory)
  • 2. move your small mat from inventory to hover over the large one. (Do not set it down)
  • 3. spin your mouse’s middle button. (I’d really suggest a mouse for this glitch not a touch pad)
  • 4. the mat below will spin but not immediately follow the small one.
  • 5. move the small rug to where you want the item, but don’t set it down.
  • 6. spin your mouse again and the big mat will come to the small one. (note you can walk on the large mat)
  • 7. hit cancel once the big mat is where you want it, the small one will disappear.
  • 8. place whatever you want onto the mat.
  • 9. use the small rug again against the big, and hover and spin to attach.
  • 10. this will move the big mat but leave the items where you placed them.
  • Note: if you can’t get the big mat to pick up without picking up the items also, leave the house and return, the mats will default to the ground where they started, as this is a temporary glitch.

Wall Away

(float pictures)

This glitch is most commonly used to float pictures, tapestries, or other wall hanging items such as wands. I personally love to use it to string party banners and lights from 2 trees instead of putting them on a wall, or hanging lights above a door. It is also useful for areas where the walls aren’t meant to hang items such as outside.

Materials for this glitch is a castle block wall, (might need 2 if its a bigger wall hanging). It can also be combined with the float glitch if you wish to make the item higher or lower in the house.

  • 1. To start find where exactly you want the wall hanging to go, (note it is limited in angle by the directions of the castle blocks which don’t turn as much as other items.) ( you can also use the float glitch here to get up to where you want something.)
  • 2. next put the wall down
  • 3. then place you item on the wall.
  • 4. pick up the wall and the item will stay behind.
  • (note if you have a rug under the item you might have to use the spin away glitch to get it to not move the wall hanging.)
  • (another note: if you place a mat under the item and spin it, some times you can get the wall hanging to turn more directions than the castle blocks allow, but be careful this can be very glitchy)

Create & Rug Combo Style

(similar to rug float)

This is one of the more simple glitches often used for house decorating. i find it especially useful for floating several objects at the same height level. Materials needed for this glitch are several creates (darkwood, jellybean, hotdogs, usually work best) a small mat (small blue trim, or other but must fit on 2 creates) and a larger rug, can also use a platform, i usually use a knotted rug or large ornate rug, when i’m decorating.

  • to start put out materials on the ground.
  • put the 2 create next to each other
  • connect the large rug to the small rug
  • place the small rug on the boxes (the other rug should follow it
  • if you move the front box onto the back box it will make the stack 2 boxes high
  • from here you can adjust the amount of boxes for the height you want
  • move the bottom box and the box stack and rugs will move with it, place it so the mat is where you want your item
  • place your item on the mat
  • move the bottom box away it will also move the mat, but the item will stay behind if done correctly
  • repeat until you have finished floating the items you want to float

Spin Away Free

(fix issues glitch, takami mats on platforms away, temp)

This one is less of a decorating glitch, and more of a fixing things glitch. Note: this glitch is temporary similar to the float glitch, and will reset when you leave the housing area and return to it.

  • First example say you have just finished connecting a line of platforms with small mats, but your out of housing space and would like to pick up the small mats but not the large ones.
    • take a small mat hover it over the big one and spin the mouse as if you are going to use the float glitch. spin it far enough away that it no longer is near the small mat, then simply pick up the small mat. Exit and return to house, the larger mat/or platform will have returned to it original position.
    • if removing multiple small mats you can cancel the rug spin from the first one once the mat is away from the small ones, and then move the small mat from your inventory again in order to do multiple ones at a time.
  • Takami mats (found in Mushu) are extremely good for fixing things. For one they fit on a small blue trim mat, so if you have a small mat that you get stuck somewhere you can often spin it off with a Takami mat.
  • Another place that i have found this useful is when putting items like shrubs around a pvp circle, as mats often tend to end up in odd places when doing that.

Simple Float

(2 connected mats over open air)

This is one of the most simple glitches. It only requires 2 rugs (and or platform) its easier if one is small. I recommend a small blue trim mat with a larger one.

  • place out your 2 mats
  • Connect your 2 mats
  • move the small one so that the large one is where you want the item
  • place item on big mat
  • move small mat so that big and small mat leave just the item
  • if you want to leave the big mat simply have another small mat to attach to the other small mat so that you can move both of them away.


Downward! Glitch

(move items below the floor)

I use this glitch a lot when i am building mazes, its great for putting trees lower so you can have little alcoves in the leaves. As far as normal decorating i have rarely used this glitch for it. Note: depending on the size of the thing you want to put underneath the house, i suggest having 2 friends help you if its a big item or if you have multiple big items. If you are doing a big item like a large willow tree or whatever it is, connect it to a small blue trim rug so that when you move the small rug it follows, you would need a friend to wait above the house by the item, and one below the house by your spinning mat, so that you can teleport between them. Materials needed for this glitch include a scaffolding, several small blue trim rugs, items you want to put below the house, and a larger rug/platform, i’d suggest learning with a platform, you have less glitching issues and more size to work with. Note: i highly recommend a mouse for this make sure it has a spin/scroll function.

  • to start, your going to want to keep most of your materials in your inventory
  • use the float glitch to spin out a platform and have yourself walk on it, don’t loose it or you will get stuck. (remember small mat has to come from your inventory not a move function for the float glitch)
  • place the scaffolding onto the platform or large mat,
  • place a small blue trim rug onto the top part of the scaffolding
  • move the small blue trim rug down onto the platform, (if done right the scaffolding will go below the platform.)
  • take a new small blue trim run from your inventory and spin on the platform, use the scaffolding as a bounding area to move the platform downward.
  • make sure your character stays with the platform.
  • Repeat until your downward the amount that you want to be, (2 times is usually good for a tree cove)(note use cheery blossom, summer, or maple trees for this) (elm, Cyprus, pine and most other trees do not work well for coves)
  • once you have the correct dept for your project, pick up the scaffolding.
  • use a small rug and the platform or large rug to move below the house to the area you want the item.
  • once there move to the side of the platform/mat and put your item onto the mat
  • see below if it is a big item with a small rug attached
  • if all you had was the smaller item move the mats to the side and pick them up
  • then you can leave and return to house to see if you got it in the right location
  • if you have multiple items, move the mats more and continue putting down items where you want them.

Working with a bigger item

  • if you are working with a large item start by attaching it to a small blue trim rug
  • leave it above the ground and have 2 friends with you, leave one friend above you and have one port to you once you have the location you want
  • port to the friend who is above you
  • move the small blue trim rug with the item attached, make sure they are moving together
  • port to your friend who is below
  • place the small blue rug onto the bigger rug/platform
  • use another small rug to spin away the platform leaving the item
  • pick up loose glitching mat items then return to above to make sure you have the item where you want it.

Floating Castle Blocks

(Floors and walls)

To float a wall is simple, use the float glitch with a platform so that you have a larger area to set the walls on. This will allow you to float the walls to where you want them. As long as the walls line up you will be able to place longer wall hanging items on them.

Floating floor castle blocks is a bit more difficult. I’d suggest using a platform again with several boxes so you can adjust for the height you would like. You can also use square metal platform for this to work, as well as several medium sized castle blocks and some larger ones can be stacked on them if preferred for housing space. If anything its stuck in place you can use the attic to pick it up. You can also use a few other methods. The most important part to this one is to make sure the blocks line up. If all the medium blocks don’t line up you will not be able to change it to a larger sized floor block.

  1. layout materials
  2. connect small rug to platform
  3. move small rug to top of boxes
  4. move boxes for position and height
  5. place castle block medium on platform
  6. move bottom box attached to platform away so that the platform moves away
  7. repeat until you have desired outcome

Because this glitch can be a bit harder to use i suggest seeing my Youtube video on it if your having trouble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYeFUG4ljDY&t=14s Several other Youtubers have made videos on this glitch also if you need more help.

Garden Stacking

There are multiple ways to use this glitch, there are more advanced ways to get a 4 stack but for the purposes of this guide i’m just going to go over the simple stack for more than one housing plot in size. (note that this glitch can be very glitchy and you might have to plow your plot and start over multiple times before its right.) If the size gap is off or the seeds are too close together you will have to start over and you wont be able to plant the seeds. (I’d suggest practicing with a seed you don’t care about until you get it working) KingsIsle has said on their message boards that stacking plants is not a ban-able offense, However they will not help you retrieve any seeds that are lost because of it. I prefer a large ornate rug when glitching usually. Start from the top and work your way down the stack.

1. start with your materials laid out

2. make sure your using the right type of soil for the seeds you want to plant

3. connect rugs, move small rug to boxes

4. use one box height per plot, make sure plots are spaced out from each other

5. laid plots on the ground

6. plant seeds starting from the top

Other side notes that are sometimes relevant. If you loose something while glitching for some reason, try looking for it in your attic you can often pick it up from there. Make sure you have what you glitched “permanent” before leaving the house and coming back, as some glitches will auto reset. If you are unsure about something have a friends port and look, whatever they see will be what stays.

Hope this post has helped you with learning some basic glitching, if you have a specific project you need help with you can message me on Twitter @sarahskystrider. Happy glitching!

Note on combos: The different glitches here can be combined to do amazing things, some examples are on my youtube (Sarah SkyStrider) if you need more help feel free to ask!

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCNcJZdLpOObsowZTECnK8w