The most spooky time of the year is here and what better way to celebrate than with some awesome hide and seek? (Thanks to Mathew and Wizard101 for the prizes) Oh you think this is normal hide and seek? Sorry nope! We are going to make it a bit more entertaining than that 😀

This event will be October 10 2020 at 1pm CT (with daylight savings)

Event will be streamed at

So then how is this going to work? Well its a version of cumulative hide a seek. We will be does some free to play and some membership zones for them. Hints will be given out if needed. Each time a person is first to find one of the hiding staff from Arcanum’s Archives they get one win point. Win points can be exchanged for prizes once enough is accumulated. There is a set number of prizes so the participants must decide if they want to immediately take a code or try to save up for a larger prize, knowing the lower level one might no longer be available later.

When a person wins they will receive a friend request from my alt wizard Abigail FrostBlossom. Please accept it/have requests open, as we will be using this to track wins and make sure no one can accidentally steal someone elses points. When you have enough win points for the code you want message Abigail about it. NOTE: CODE REQUESTS WILL ONLY BE DONE THROUGH ABIGAIL. This is to help keep it fair and make sure no codes are double promised. It will also be on a first come, if two people ask for the same code at the same time, the first message will get it. Actual codes will be given out at the end. (Abigail is text chat so if you have something important you may also message my main Sarah SkyStrider but she doesn’t have the friend space)

So what codes are up for grabs? I’m glad you asked Wizard101 and Mathew kindly provided us with the following for this event!

(3) 1k crown codes – 2 win points

(3) 5k crown codes – 4 win points

(2) 10k crown codes – 6 win points

(3) Amaranthine staffs – 4 win points

(2) cloudstrider pegasi mounts – 5 win points

(1) spider rider mount – 5 win points

(1) spooky carnival bundle – 10 win points

(1) creepier carnival bundle – 10 win points

Oh and the staff will be hiding as their pets, so some extra fun to try to find us 😀

Event will be streamed at

Please watch the stream for hide and seek locations and hints.

We will originally meet up at commons realm Seraph, but this will change throughout the event.

If you want to join our discord