Wizard101 Haiku Contest

Ah! Summer time is here! The spiral is filled with warmth! Wizards from all over return to the spiral for the summer vacation. We here at Arcanum’s Archives have decided to have a summer haiku and screenshot contest! As a way to celebrate this warm and fun time of year!


Write a haiku poem on your favorite summer time activity, and take a screenshot anywhere in Wizard101 to go along with the poem. A haiku is a poem with 3 lines, line 1 has five syllables, line 2 has seven syllables and line 3 the final line has five syllables. The poem and screenshot will be judged of creativity, originality and the way the screenshot and poem go with each other.


  • Submit before August 2nd
  • Send entry to arcanumsarchives@gmail.com, with the subject “haiku contest”
  • One entry per person
  • Include your wizard’s name
  • Have fun with it


First Place: 10,000 crowns + New Fangle Mount (perm)

Second Place: 5,000 crowns + Fog Staff Wand

Third Place: 2,500 + Fog Staff Wand

Example Entry

To: arcanumsarchives@gmail.com

Subject: haiku contest

Wizard: (Put your wizard’s name here!)

Hello! Here is my entry!

Summer is here

Its time for some fun

Let go fishing hun