What better way to celebrate Valentines Day, than with friends! For this event we have several contests and activities. Thanks to Kingsisle for providing the prizes and Man0fbass for streaming the event for us. Stream will be at https://www.twitch.tv/man0fbass/

Event Schedule

1 pm CST : Meet up in realm Seraph in the commons

1pm – 2pm: Hide and seek

2pm – 3pm: Pet derby & a Photomancy contest

3pm – 4pm: Fishing contest & Housing games

Contest Prizes

Hide and seek: In game gifts

Pet derby: In game gifts

Photomancy contest: 5k crowns & a sweetheart mount

Fishing contest: 5k crowns & a fantastic unicorn mount

Housing games: In game gifts

Screenshot Contest: 5k crowns & soaring heart wings

(screenshot contest will be to take a picture of yourself and a friend at the event!)

Thanks to Kingsisle for providing the prizes!