Epic fish are some of the hardest fish to catch in the spiral. There may not be a large amount of them but below is a list of all the epic fish there are in the Spiral.

Here are 3 tips on how to catch epic fish fast.

Tip 1: Use utility spells

In my experience I cannot catch a fish without these spells. The best spells to use in my experience are the winnow spells. You can get the winnow school spells in the Labyrinth and you can get the winnow rank spells by completing the Mooshu fishing quest. Also if you are in Dragonspyre or Celestia fishing make sure you have the banish sentinel rank 1 spell which can be learned from completing the Dragonspyre fishing quest, but if your fishing in Zafaria or Avalon you will need the banish rank 2 sentinel spell which is learned from the Avalon fishing quest.

Tip 2: Look for the loading symbol.

The loading symbol is that spiral with a yellow arrow going around in a circle right below the menu chat and crowns shop button. This will not work for all fish but for most it will. What you do is you keep resetting the pond until you see the loading symbol for the fish you need. This is a very risky strategy so I would suggest not only resetting the pond but using your utility spells and use the loading symbol just to guarantee that it is in the pond.

Tip 3: Look for the fast fish.

If the fish has already loaded in your pond, then this is the strategy you should use. First off always use your utility spells you will have a very difficult time catching the fish you want if you don’t use them. Lets say that you just were about to catch an Errol Fynn because you saw it load in the Ravenwood, but then it got away. This has happened to me before when catching a few epic fish so I was wondering how would I catch it now? I noticed the other epic fish I caught were very fast, so what I did was I got rid of all the fish that were slow, and caught all the fish that were faster. I kept catching archer fish, a few dekois, and a few balance cudas, but after resetting the pond 3 more times I found a fish that was particularly faster then other fish I found I decided to try and catch it and happily it was an Errol Fynn. So next time you are looking for an epic fish, look for fast fish


Good luck on catching your epic fish!