Fantasy Festival

There is a new event coming to the spiral and you should get ready because it is going to be amazing! The Fantasy Festival is coming to the spiral August 18th, 2018 so mark your calender’s folks! This new event will have many fun activities including (but not limited to) a very difficult maze, Disney sing-alongs, dance parties, an escape room, a scavenger hunt, trivia, and most importantly many prizes! These all could not be possible without our hosts for this event so be sure to thank them on Twitter for helping with this event.

Once again thank you to all the hosts that helped make this event possible. Now lets talk about the schedule for this event.

11:00am – Meet up in morning for early bird crowed

1:30pm – Start Stream and start dance party

1:45pm – Begin project nightmare and start trivia

3:00pm – PvP tournament of champions

4:00pm – Hide and Seek

4:30pm – Disney Sing-Along with transformations

5:15pm – Picture

5:20pm – Escape room

6:15pm – Good Byes

Our stream can be found at and also I think we forgot to say this, but when you show up for the dance party you automatically will get a FREE PACK JUST FOR SHOWING UP! All you need to do is just show up and dance and BAM! Free pack gifted from one the hosts! We are so excited to bring this event to the spiral and we hope you all enjoy it!!!

Here are our hosts! Be sure to thank them on Twitter!

Kristen Wild

Austin Stars

Aussie Thorn

Sarah Skystrider

Edward Lifegem

For updates check our twitter page @arcanumarchives

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