Thank you all for coming to attend the Fantasy Festival, it was some of the most fun I have had in a long time. There is so much to talk about when it comes to this event that it’s difficult to even know where to begin, but lets start from the top at the dance party where we gifted everyone free packs 😀

After the dance party was finished and everyone was gifted in all 5 areas, we were able to move onto the treacherous maze AKA Project Nightmare. We only had a handful of the whopping 50 people who came finish this maze. Even I couldn’t finish it.

After people finished the maze, we began the PvP Tournament of Champions, in case you missed it here is the bracket from the tournament! We had Chris Ravenrunner in first, Logan Stormrider as a close second, and Andrew Winter in third place.

Then we had 3 epic games of hide and seek, the first two we gave away 2 packs to each winner, but then the third game was very difficult since we didn’t say which world Sarah was hiding in. In the end we found out that she was hiding in Chelsea Court in the depths of Marleybone.

The last thing we did, which was my personal favorite was our Disney Sing-Along. We went around random realms of the commons, olde town, arena, and other places to sing Disney songs for everyone that was there. It was quite entertaining watching people freak out as a huge group of people on seahorse mounts circle, jump, and sing Disney music to random strangers.

Overall this event was amazing and really fun, I can’t wait to throw another event for everyone to enjoy! Thank you all for coming, thank to our amazing hosts and co-hosts, and thank you to Kingsisle for providing fun codes for us to use while we have fun!