Fall 2020 Scroll of Fortune Review

The season has changed, and with that change, the Summer Scroll of Fortune had to take it’s leaf and had the new scroll falling into our hands! Okay, that’s all the puns I have for now, let’s check out the Fall 2020 Scroll of Fortune, now in Wizard101!

But first, are you new to the Scroll of Fortunes or looking for past reviews? Check out my previous Arcanum Archives article here

As with previous Scroll of Fortunes, there are 3 pages of rewards, ranging from reagents and beastmoon items to themed gear and the always awesome member-benefit elixirs. Exclusive items such as the season scroll wall hanging housing item, seasonal emote and teleport effect are also shining on this season’s scoll as well. But there is a notable difference in the mount rewards when compared to previous scrolls…

  • Standard + Member Benefit Elixirs
  • Fall Themed Wand
  • Crown Shop Packs
  • New Dino-Themed Pack
  • Reagents
  • Rank 1 and Rank 2 Spellements
  • Beastmoon Resources
  • Deckathalon Resources
  • Fall Teleport Effect
  • Exclusive Scroll Portrait of Completion Housing Item
  • New Temporary Mounts
  • Possible Secret Rewards?

What’s Changed With The Mounts?

As with previous Scroll of Fortunes, temporary mounts are once again a reward from the scroll. While still not permanent mounts, there is something different with these. These new mounts are currently not obtainable in the game and are known as the Chompy Bronto and the Chromaticat. But what really stands out about these never before seen mounts? Unlike other temporary mounts that last only from a range of 1-day to 14-days, the Chromaticat is a 90-Day Mount, making it the longest lasting temporary mount in Wizard101 history.

Notable Items

Aside from these 2 new mounts, member benefit elixirs and crafting reagents such as Amber (used for spell crafting) and Participation Trophies (used for Arcanum crafting) are returning with this season’s scroll, as well as Beastmoon and Deckathalon resources. Energy elixirs, housing items and a castle recipe for the Wizard’s Watch Tower is included in the rewards line-up, and new exclusives such as the Fall Season 2 wall hanging, seasonal emote, wand and teleport effect can also be found in the Fall 2020 Scroll of Fortune.

Pros and Cons


  • Rare Crafting Reagents such as Amber and Participation Trophies
  • Exclusive items, Teleport Effect and Emote
  • Various Deckathalon and Beastmoon Resources
  • 90-Day New (and beautiful) Temporary Mount
  • A Few Crown Shop Packs
  • Member-Benefit Elixirs
  • A Value Considered to be Worth 15,000 Crowns
  • Only 7,500 Crowns for Members
  • Approximately 90 Days Total To Complete Before the Next Season
  • Doesn’t Require Membership to Purchase


  • No Permanent Mounts
  • Relatively Small Number of Crown Shop Packs
  • No Additional Castle Elixir to Coordinate with the Wizard’s Watch Tower Castle Recipe

Final Review

The Scroll of Fortune overall is a great concept. By doing tasks you were already planning on doing before, you are able to earn points to unlock items. For this specific season, the Fall 2020 Scroll of Fortune definitely has it’s perks. For Beastmoon and Deckathalon Players, many resources that will prove to be beneficial to have are available in the Scroll (including a Gold-Unlock Myth Draconian Idol). Member-benefit elixirs can be obtained through the Scroll and can be used regardless if you are a Member, Crowns Player, a combination of both or neither. Some of these include multiple Double Pet XP and Double Gardening Elixirs, two member benefits that are widely popular. Amber and Participation Trophies are rare reagents and useful in crafting spells and completing Arcanum crafting quests, tasks that many players seek to accomplish. However, there are a couple of things to note. Despite there being a crafting recipe for the Wizard’s Watch Tower castle, there is no Additional Castle Elixir as seen in last season’s scroll, which is somewhat inconvenient for a scroll to have a castle recipe in. Finally, there is no permanent mount in this scroll. Throughout all Scroll of Fortunes, many have wanted to see a permanent mount but there has yet to have been one included. With this season however, there is a 90-Day Temporary Mount, that while not a permanent, is definitely a step in the right direction and nice to have compared to the 1-Day to 14-Day temporary standard.