The Empyrea test realm has been released! Its time to take a closer look at everything that this update is offering to us. First off, we have a really cool looking world.

This world is full of new and awesome creatures and things, but in my opinion, how you get to the world is coolest of all. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but there is an awesome surprise that the Arcanum has in store for you. The world is full of huge areas with new creatures and new dungeons to explore. There is also an all new dungeon that Wizard101 said is the hardest dungeon ever made in Wizard101. I hope you all find a way to get through this so called “New Darkmoor” dungeon.


Besides a new world there are many more updates, like the new expand backpack elixir which has gotten numerous happy responses.

They have also made more then just backpacks bigger, they along with backpacks made the bank bigger for free without any elixir. You can get up to TWO of the expand backpack elixirs, so for 5000 crowns you can get almost double your backpack space! Here are the images of these expansions to our storage.

There are also many new castle magic spells. Many do not understand castle magic still but with these new spells I think people will want to learn them and use them to decorate their houses. These are the new spells and picture of something I put together in a few minutes.

One thing that got accidentally released earlier this year was the shadow trickster and now we finally get to see the new spells and fight the shadow trickster in the Arcanum. Donate shadow is also a new spell you learn which for 2 shadow pips can be casted which gives one shadow pip to anyone on your team, this will help many supporters in dungeons. Here are the new shadow spells you learn in the new Arcanum shadow school.

Another option that was added to this update is realm locking which will remember the realm you were last in. Here is look at this option in our spell book.

This test realm is full of new content and surprises, I hope everyone enjoys this new update as much as I am enjoying it!

What is your favorite part of this upcoming update?