There have been quite a few teasers recently having to do with the new and very anticipated world Empyrea, but what do these teasers mean? Let’s break down all these teasers that Wizard101 has been taunting us with.

First off we have the “gobbler batman” teaser. I got really excited at first because we can collect animus from gobblers. How cool would it be to have a gobbler batman in your house. Some people though had different opinions. Ever since colossus boulevard we have always wondered about the world known as Gobblerton. We have been waiting ever since this game released to know about what this world or city is. I hope that we finally finish the gobbler storyline by maybe turning the world of Gobblerton into a city inside Empyrea. Though there are also people that think gobblers aren’t what they want to see in this new world. Some believe it wouldn’t be the best way to present this world. No matter what though, there will be gobblers in this world and we know it because of this spoiler.

This teaser includes the 3 classic ninja pigs and it seems that they are playing with a toy model of the Arcanum. One thing I wonder about is what are those two toys the other ninja pigs are playing with, are they part of Empyrea? Or are they creatures that we may find behind one of the doors in the Arcanum? Another thing you may notice is the poster of the snake charmer in the background. Overall this teaser seems to have more of an Arcanum theme then Empyrea.

Here is our (hopefully) last spoiler until test realm. This has a lot of information in one small teaser. So there is apparently an Empyreacon this year and it kinda looks like manders are the ones that are in it. The most mysterious thing in this spoiler is that judge. The judge almost looks like a dog with those small ears but Wizard101 has been known to mislead us in teasers before, always keeping us on our toes! One last thing is that it looks like there is a TV in the background. Does this mean Wizard101 is going to introduce modern technology into the wizarding world? We already got a taste of that in Marleybone but this is much more then an old fashioned car. Having this kind of modern technology in Wizard101 would be an interesting addition to the game.


What do you think of these teasers?