Raven’s Shadow

The entire story of Empyrea Part 2 begins with the Arcanum. We learn that Mellori is only getting worse and to heal her would take very dangerous task, so dangerous that Merle along with the Council of Light comes to say no to the dangerous task, and suggests an alternative in Empyrea to heal Mellori.

Merle then tells us personally how Bartelby is also getting much worse and we are running out of time, because even if we solve the problem of Mellori, Grandmother Raven, and Grandfather spider, it will mean nothing if Bartelby dies. The only way to heal Bartelby is to complete the Arboeal ritual. To complete this ritual you need two things, a spring leaf from each school tree and you must be Bartelby’s Scion. It turns out we are Bartelby’s Scion and are able to enter Bartelby to finish the ritual and defeat the rat which is making Bartelby sick.

After Bartelby is healed, we learn he has been communicating with Mellori, and it turns out Mellori left Raven’s Astral Plane to the Reverie, which is located in Mandalla, an island in Empyrea. We travel to Empyrea and Sparck gives us communicators that he made for all of us, so we can communicate on Empyrea easily.

So we travel to Mandalla, but we end up landing in the chaos jungle so we have to find our way out. Once we find our way out we end up seeing the beautiful Samsara Village in the sky.

We need to go to the dying jungles where the cave of quickening is. Life energy from the temple of light shines down on the cave of quickening, that is how it will heal Mellori.

The cave of quickening is located in the dying jungles, but the cave is powered by the paradox chain which is the source of life magic that will heal Mellori.

The cave of quickening stops Mellori from dying, but in order to heal her we need to enter the Reverie, the place where thoughts and memories become one. The Lady of the Lake was able to project herself there for a short time, just long enough to open a portal to the Nexus, which is the center of the Reverie.

We learn many things in the Reverie. The nexus truly shows a demented version of the Ravenwood, but Bartelby is able to make his way into the Nexus to communicate with Mellori. The first and most surprising is that it wasn’t Spider that made Bartelby sick, it was Raven actually! Bartelby says Raven knew that he was the only one that had the power to stop her should she try to destroy Spider. Bartelby also refers to the wizard as the heart of his plan, and Mellori as the key to the plan.

The second important thing we learned was the true form of Grandfather spider, below is a picture of what he looks like in his true form

Lastly, the more important thing we learn is that the reason Mellori is the key to Bartelby’s plan is because Mellori is the personification of Raven’s love for spider. The reason Raven separated herself from her love for Spider is because she feared if she loved Spider too much, she would release him from his imprisonment.

After Mellori learns she was Raven’s love for spider, she decides to follow Bartelby’s plan and leave the Reverie.

Meanwhile in Zanadu, all Empyrean citizens and the wizard believe that the Bat is the reason Raven is mad, so they capture the Bat to keep him hostage. The Nimbari (same species as Sparck and Ione) believe they should handle the bat situation now that he is captured instead of the Alphoi.

Vanitus, being the leader of the Nimbari, had a meeting that we interrupted, but we weren’t the only ones which interrupted. The mysterious dark cloud invades the meeting as well.

The odd part was that there was a blue ox fighting with the dark cloud, so the Nimbari went straight to blame the dwarves of Aero Plains. The Dwarves weren’t to blame but the dark cloud was in Aero Plains so the story goes there.

The Dark Cloud turns out to be located in the Southwest Plains where the Blue Oxen roam, which shows why a Blue Ox was with the Dark Cloud when we first fought them. So we go to the cave where the Blue Oxen are near, save Pork (who was captured earlier by the Dark Cloud) and fight their leader, Doctor Demented. We also learn that the Dark Cloud is in someway related to the Cabal because of the Cabalist banners put up in the cave.

After this fight we do not know exactly what to do, so we return to the small camp with Helena, the mother of Sparck and Ione, and she gets mad at the sight of Pork because Helena trusted Pork to keep Sparck and Ione away from Empyrea to stay safe. When she heard Sparck was in Empyrea with Vanitus, an influencial technologist for the Nimbari, Helena became furious because Vanitus is part of the Cabal, which was news to us. We also learn Helena is the lost wife of Keras (father of Sparck and Ione, and the traitor to the Nimbari because he blew up some of their weapons a long time ago) This explosion was in protest of Vanitus because Keras knew he was part of the Cabal. We also finally connect the dots after speaking with Helena. The Dark Cloud isn’t real, it’s a front for the Cabal, for Vanitus apparently, to scare them into making some kind of Storm Cannon.

We rescue Sparck, defeat Vanitus’ guards, and then defeat him, but learn terrible news. This storm cannon, which was using the Bat’s essence to charge, destroyed one of the last remaining chains holding the Chaotic Heart on Mandalla, the life and death chain. While we are at it, we also free the Bat from the Nimbari.

We return to Mandalla to find it in flames, its beauty is gone because of the blast.

Worst of all, the Temple of Light which holds the Paradox Chain is destroyed, along with cave of quickening where Beans and Mellori were last.

We help clean up a little so all of the residents of Samsara Village can evacuate through the stream portal. While evacuating Samsara, Beans spoke through the communicator, and told us that him along with Mellori were in a cave in the Chaotic Jungle, so we go to rescue them, but the Bat shows up and it turns out he held onto Mellori’s essence for safe keeping, and the Bat in the Chaotic Jungle gave it back to Mellori.

We help get the Bat’s essence back, but during the process Grandfather Spider appears in his astral form, offering control of the Spiral to us still. Of course, we refuse.

Then Raven comes in her astral form too.

Then Raven and Bat with their Luminous Essence repair the rift in the circle of Mandalla because in the blast of the storm cannon, part of the ring of Mandalla was broken. If the ring were not to be repaired, all of Mandalla would have collapsed but Mellori and the Bat helped save it.

Raven and Spider both appear again, but this time Bartelby joins in, all the cosmic figures in one spot

We finally travel to the husk, where Bartelby tells us everything that is going on. First off, Raven has summoned the Storm Titan to protect the final paradox chain

We also learn in order to calm the Storm Titan enough for us to fight, we must have Mellori guide the Primordial Trees to sing the Titanic Lullaby. The Water from the Springs Eternal will wake each tree up, we got this water from Bartelby when we healed him of his sickness. The Titanic Lullaby won’t be as powerful as the first one that happened, but it will calm the Storm Titan enough for us to remove him from the Chain.

After we get all 9 trees to sing the Titanic Lullaby, we fight the very powerful Storm Titan. We don’t defeat him, but Mellori breaks the chain which causes the Storm Titan to flee the battle.

We reach the middle of the Husk, where Raven, Spider, and the Chaotic heart is. Spider and Raven fight for a little bit, but then Raven seems to be disappointed in what she did (summoning the storm titan to protect the heart) and Spider says he is starting to feel again which shows he has feelings for Raven again. But when Spider confess’ his love for Raven a Titan interrupts the apology, and we learn it is the powerful Aethyr Titan, which is actually the Storm Titan just feeding off the anger and rage between Spider and Raven.

Bartelby tells Mellori and Bat to focus their power on the essence they will create, which is the paradox essence we use to take the form of a “titan.”

We defeat the Aethyr Titan, and both Spider and Raven apologize and confess their love for each other, and stay in the Husk for the rest of eternity.

We travel back to the Arcanum, where we see the Council of Light and the Arcanum Scholars.

But we are interrupted by the Tree of knowledge, Sybil! Calling us “foolish creatures” and have “accomplished nothing”

Ione says we may have brought in something very much worse but Sybil, even though she says we have accomplished nothing, says we have “nothing to fear” and that’s how it ends!


Overall Empyrea part 2 was amazing! Some of Kingsisle’s best work yet! Amazing story line that I want to keep reliving, and the cliff hanger at the end made me very excited to see what possibly could be worse the Raven and Spider who made the Spiral! Overall I was quite pleased and am excited for more of this good story line.