Eggs?!?!?! It seems all our staff have turned into their pet eggs! Oh dear whatever will we do? We can’t put all our eggs in one basket. Could you guys help us find all our staff members before they stay eggs forever?

Time and day: Saturday 27th March – 1pm CDT
Realm: Unicorn, in the Commons

Thanks to KI for the prizes!

This works like cumulative hide and seek. Our staff will be hiding as their pet eggs in wizard city. Each time a person finds an egg first, they will get a point. Points can then be exchanged for the prizes we have available. Please be sure to be on the stream so that we can coordinate prizes better. Once you claim a prize you cannot trade it back. If you save up for a larger prize their is a chance lower level prizes will no longer be available later. (Prizes will be given out at the end of the event, but claimed during it.)

We have all kinds of fun things! Bunny mounts, Crowns, And even our own custom Flying Bundle!

(Please note point values, and other things are subject to change based on the event day. Winners are allowed to claim multiple prizes if they win enough times.)

So what are the prizes exactly?

1 point (1 win)

5 – cat ears

2 points

5 -1k crowns

3 points

3 – prismatic hare mounts

3 – caerbannog rabbits

5 – formal gummy bunny mounts

5 – fancy gummy bunny mounts

5 – casual gummy bunny mounts

4 points

5 – 5k crown codes

7 points

3 – 10k crowns

1 – Flying High bundle (Empyrean airship house, Malorian Dragon mount, Shamrock Teleporter effect)