There are just so many creatures that have extractable animus from the dungeons section of monstrology The reason there is this many is because of all those housing gauntlets there are. For every gauntlet there are 5 tiers so times every creature that has extractable animus from a housing gauntlet by 5 and that is why there are so many creatures. Anyways there are many other creatures that look just awesome from this section like Temple Guardian or the famous Malistaire the Undying. Good luck finding all the monsters that this section of the monster tome has to offer. The following list is in alphabetical order and tells you name of the creature, what kind of creature it is, where it is found, and how much Animus it takes to make summon tc, house guest, or expel creature tc.

Here are the monstrology cards you will need for collecting animus from creatures in the dungeons section of the monster tome.

Here are all the monsters from the Dungeons section of the monster tome. 167/165 monsters have been found.