The Galleon Ship Company needs your help! They hire only the best designers for their fashionable new ship designs, but their designer for the 2021 line has quit! They are accepting designs from up and coming ship designers from now until the 29th of January 2021. (Winners will be picked around the 30th) If a design is chosen the pirate shall be compensated (Prizes!) They have an Empire bundle for their favorite, a Hoodoo bundle for their second, and 5k crowns for their third pick.

They are allowing pirates to pick any method of submission (hand drawn, Photoshop, other) you may not use anyone else’s ideas. Entries must include a ship or a line of ships (up to 3 different sizes) along with a theme, (Holiday of choice, summer, fall, etc) and a flag design to go with the ships. They will then pick the ones they think are most likely to be profitable (creativity, originality, effort, general art skill).

Entries may be submitted through our Gmail.

Arcanum’s Archives

(Note this contest is run through Arcanum’s Archives Staff, the Galleon Ship Company doesn’t actually exist 😀 but ya know story lines!)