Happy holidays everyone! This year I thought it would be fun to see what ideas people have for inventing their own charity mount for Wizard101. So for this contest you may use whatever art program you like, (hand drawing, markers, online programs, Photoshop) you just cannot use someone else’s work. Winners will be determined based on creativity, general art skills (doesn’t have to be amazing but must show you did spend some time and effort), theme, overall effort, and originality you may include a description to go with your work if you would like.

Event opens now and closes on the 21st December 2020. Winners will be chosen by the Arcanum’s Archives staff. We hope to have the winners announced on the 22 or 23rd before Christmas.

Entries may be submitted through email (arcanumsarchives@gmail.com), by tagging us on twitter with it (@arcanumsarchives), or through our discord (https://discord.gg/skAU6A2 open server as long as you follow all posted rules, entries posted under contest entry section)

So what fabulous prizes can be won?

1st prize 10k crowns and a winter mount

2nd prize 10k crowns and a winter mount

3rd prize 10k crowns and a winter mount

4th price 5k crowns and a winter mount

5th prize 5k crowns and a winter mount

1 honorable mention 5k crowns and a winter mount

(What mounts? we have 2 reindeer sleighs, 2 crumbles gingerhorses, and 2 toboggans)

Thanks to Mathew and KingsIsle for providing the prizes.

Also thanks to my friend Autumn for designing the Christmas hippogryph photo above.