Test Realm is live and Gamma has a new event for us – the Deckathalon! The Deckathalon event will test one’s strategic skills and knowledge of lore as one must climb the tower and defeat enemies. Being dubbed as the ‘PVE of PVP’, (if that even makes sense), one might want to read this guide in order to brush up on the basics of this new event in order to have what it takes to be the best and win rewards!

The Basics

When one sees the Gamma icon in the top-right part of one’s screen, one will know that a new Deckathalon event is running. Each Deckathalon is school-themed, (the one on Test Realm is currently Ice), meaning that the enemies one will have to fight belong to that school, (this is important when it comes to strategy). Additionally, the packs that one can buy in the Crown Shop will depend on which school-themed Deckathalon is running, (we’ll look at those a bit later). Below, one can read the basics on how the Deckathalon works, including the main restriction that one can only use Treasure Cards, (although I would call it more of a liberation).

As one can see from the help guide, the Deckathalon consists of 4 stages. Each stage includes three floors of the tower. On all of the stages, floor one has one enemy, floor two has two enemies, and floor three has one enemy with higher health (think of it as the boss of the dungeon). After one has completed each stage, one will return to the Library through the door, but one’s progress will be saved and when one re-enters the Deckathalon one can advance to the next stage.

Entering a stage costs Credits. For logging onto Wizard101 one will receive 2 credits, (4 for members), each day. Once one has used all of the credits, one can then purchase an additional 4 credits for 1000 Gold, (there is no limit to how many credits one can buy). Once one enters the tower, all stats and spells are disabled. The only thing that matters is one’s deck and the Treasure Cards put into it BEFORE entering the event, (it is prohibited to edit spell decks once entered).

The Rewards

As one can see from the picture below, there are a range of rewards from the Deckathalon event which make it even more exciting! Let’s start off with the points one can earn from participating. One will earn 1 point for each monster defeated in the tower, and one earns 1 point by using Treasure Cards in combat, (up to 20 per day). By earning points, not only will one’s progress bar advance, (which gives rewards), but in addition to, the ‘community’ progress bar will advance further. The more people that participate in the event, the better the ‘loot’ that will drop in the tower (in this instance, loot refers to runes, which are new reagents used in Deckathalon related crafting recipes, and after only 1 day of the event running the community maxed out their progress bar). The current test realm progress rewards are as follows, (however, there is a great opportunity for rewards to change from each event):

  • 10 Point Reward – Deckathalon Ice Pack (These are worth 199 Crowns in the Crown Shop, and include Fire Spell TC’s, healing spell TC’s and rune reagents).
  • 35 Point Reward – Hands of Fate Wand (A brand new no-stat stitchable gauntlet wand. These will be useful for crafting better gauntlet wands later on).
  • 70 Point Reward – 1 Fire Rune (These are easily gained from fighting monsters in the tower or through the Ice Deckathalon Pack).
  • 110 Point Reward – 1 Augmentation Rune.
  • 160 Point Reward – Eye of Bartleby Pack (Worth 115 Crowns).
  • 240 Point Reward – Deckathalon Ice Pack.
  • 350 Point Reward – Novice Socket Wrench.
  • 460 Point Reward – Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack (Worth 399 Crowns).
  • 570 Point Reward – Superior Ice Rune (At the time of this I have multiple Superior Storm, Fire and Balance runes so not sure how rare the superior runes are).

As well as progress rewards, there are also plenty of final rewards for participants at the end of the event! Not only will being on the leaderboard show off one’s skills as a superior Deckathalete, nonetheless, one can win unique prizes as well. In test, players who come in the top 10 will win a Permanent Gobbler Mount, 21 Ultimate Runes, and 1 brand new Ice Class Pet, (a cute ice-themed hamster – there will be one for each school themed event). Those who place in 11th – 25th will win the same, minus the mount, 26th – 2500th will win the new standard Ravenwood Class Pet (a similar cute hamster), and 2501st – 10000th will win some Ultimate Rune. Personally, I think these prizes are great and I love how unique the pets are and how important the rune is for crafting!

All these prizes are great, however, remember not to forgot those runes! Runes are the reagents needed for crafting recipes such as Deckathalon Decks and the all-important Gauntlet Wands! First off, let’s look at the decks. After each stage, Kara Runewright will appear and she will sell the Wizard Deckathalete Deck recipe. There are four recipes all together, for example, after one completes stage 1, one can purchase the Ice Deckathelete Deck 1. After stage 2, one can purchase Deckathalete Deck 2, etc… Each recipe requires the runes that are dropped from monsters, and can be crafted at the Equipment Crafting Station in the Library. Each deck gives one vital stats such as damage, (at the moment for the Ice Event, the Ice Deck gives Fire damage and some Ice resist, encouraging the Wizard to use Fire spells, (which we will get into in the strategy section). Decks 3 and 4 even give a tear socket jewel, which is very useful considering one has very low health, so every health point counts!

Another thing we can use runes to craft are the amazing gauntlet wands! Each school has its own themed gauntlet, as well as a Spiritual, Elemental, and Ultimate version of the wand. After one has completed the second stage, Kara Runewright will sell the Wizard the recipe for the Enhanced Hands of Fate. At the end of the third stage, she will sell the Elemental Hands of Fate. And at the end of Stage 4, she is currently selling the Freezing Hands of Fate, (although I’m sure they will change depending on the type of Deckathalon that’s running).

If one has an abundance of crowns, it may be a good idea to opt for the new Deckathalon Bundles in the Crown Shop! These come in a variety of tiers, and include Deckathalon Packs, Deckathalon Decks, Jewel Packs, and Gold. However, they are rather expensive, (unless this changed in Live Realm, Pictures below).


Now I will take you guys through a little bit of strategy advice that might help in the Ice Deckathalon. I will make new guides for other Deckathalons as they come out.

Many people have been using the Insane Bolt as a strategy, or enchanting spells with Sun spells such as Epic to make them a TC so they can take them into the Deckathalon. Whilst this does work, there is a chance KI might ban this when it comes to Live Realm as it isn’t really a strategy. And whilst enchanting works for the elemental schools, Balance and Myth who have trained 4 pip spells, it isn’t useful for Life and Deaths who don’t have them.

My general advice is to use Treasure Card spells that belong to the opposite school to the Deckathalon monsters. For this Ice event, I have been using Fire TC’s as not only does one get the extra damage from the Ice Deck, but in addition, one also gets that opposing school damage boost which is useful. Below is what I used for each stage:

Stage 1 and 2 Buffs: No buffs needed for stage 1. For stage 2 level 3 use a fireblade then Sunbird

Stage 1 and 2 Attacks: Level 1 – Ash Bats/Sunbird, Level 2 – Meteor Strike, Level 3 – Sunbird.

Stage 1 and 2 Defence: Ice Shield (I have seen people using Tower Shield, but you’ll need the extra 30% shield), Fairy (try and find 480 version if you can), Minor Blessing (great as they cost 0 pips).

Stage 3 Buffs: Fireblades, Amplify,

Stage 3 Attacks: Level 1 – Sunbird, Level 2 – Meteor Strike or Scald (if they have Tower Shields), Level 3 – Sunbird.

Stage 3 Defence: Ice shield, Fair, Minor Blessing.

Stage 4 Buffs: Fireblades, Minion (I used the Water Elemental Storm Minion as they take some damage and can get rid of those pesky Tower Shields).

Stage 4 Attacks: Level 1 – Phoenix, Level 2 – Fire Dragon, Level 3 – Pheonix (with blade).

Stage 4 Defence: Ice Shield, Brace, Fairy.

Stage 4 is undoubtedly the hardest, and I died multiple, (and multiple), of times on the second level doing the Fire strategy until I summoned a Water Elemental which took enough damage for me to survive. Once one casts the minion, one will need to Brace and Shield until there are enough pips for Fire Dragon (7). However, be strategic, they love casting multiple Ice DoT’s so shield when you think they will attack. I usually shield in the first round of each battle to save my health, and you also have the advantage of always going first so you can heal if you need to.

Another useful tip is that at the moment, Pet Maycasts do work. Whilst other talents such as resistance and damage are disabled, maycasts could save one’s life.


Overall, I love the Deckathalon Event! I love how it encourages one to try out new spells and stimulates one to think about strategy. I love how there will be 7 different types of these events on rotation (one for each school). Another aspect I love is that it is challenging and competitive amongst Wizards to earn as many points as possible. The rewards and weapons are also a great addition, I love PvP, however, I am aware of its challenges and how it is not for everyone. If KI can sort out some of the issues with the Deckathalon such as allowing enchanted TC’s, improving some of the leaderboard qualities and progress rewards, continuing to update the event to give us more craftable rewards, then the Deckathalon could be one of, if not THE best side activity to challenge the fun pastime of questing!