Wizard101’s Tenth Birthday is coming up and if you didn’t hear it’s kinda a big deal! It’s so big of a deal they made an entire pack in the crowns shop just for it. This pack will surely get you ready for this huge celebration coming up with it’s omega spiral wand, adorable dragon pet, and amazing celebration gear to get you in style for this birthday! First lets take a look at the decade dragon pet!

It’s a very brave and proud pet that any wizard would be lucky to have! the mounts are also a huge part of this pack with one from each school. These school themed vortex mounts are very cool in so many ways. Here are pictures of each one.

Ok now lets get to one of the more epic parts of this pack which is the gear. The gear from this pack is amazing but the most amazing thing is the epic wand! It is a staff with a spiral at the top of it which may not sound like much but when you see it you will be amazed. Here are the stats of all the gear that we have so far.

And here are some pictures of each set of gear.

For all housing item lovers we also got MANY new housing items which are mostly housing guests. There are more house guests then we can show pictures from this pack so we will just list them instead.

Bookish Pigswick Student

Capable Pigswick Student

Circling Pigswick Student

Cycling Pigswick Student

Diligent Pigswick Student

Floating Pigswick Student

Hovering Pigswick Student

Levitating Pigswick Student

Lounging Pigswick Student

Perusing Pigswick Student

Reclining Pigswick Student

Rotating Pigswick Student

Spinning Pigswick Student

Studious Pigswick Student

Studying Pigswick Student

Well-Read Pigswick Student

There also a few housing items that are not housing guests but are also new from this pack which you can see below.

Lastly we have some quite unique and new pet snacks from this pack! And yes, they are birthday themed!

Let us know what your favorite part of this pack is in the comments!